GM Interview: Jared

We continue the GM interviews, or should I call it the J interviews? Jared joins Josh, Jenette and Josiah in sharing with us his GMing style. Jared Hunt ( Section One: Opportunities What is your biggest GMing stumbling block right now? What could you do to fix that? I think I’ll go with the cliche […]

Where can I find cheap minis online?

cheap minis online

A reader emailed me this week with a request on where to buy cheap minis online. I know I have stumbled onto a couple of good sites in the past, but darned if I can find the links now. So I tweeted the request and got some great replies. Thanks folks. Now I’m posting to […]

GM Interview: Josiah

Welcome to the third in a series of GM interviews I conducted with Roleplaying Tips readers in the fall. Today we chat with new-ish GM Josiah Bradbury. Section One: Opportunities What is your biggest GMing stumbling block right now? Designing failure into my games. I am too nice of a person and I do not […]

Sorcery & Super Science Review

Sorcery & Super Science Review

By Patrick Irwin Introduction This review will follow the material covered in the Sorcery and Super Science rulebook step by step, giving an overview of each section before closing with an overall look at the manual. Section 1: Cover and Intro All the usual RPG basics are covered here; a rousing description of the game […]

Rite NPC Deck Review

Rite NPC Deck Review

I love the idea of giving players visuals of the people they meet. Sure, we GMs paint pictures with our words, but a picture is worth 1000 of those. At least, most of the time. Overall, I give the Rite NPC Deck a passing grade, but I do have feedback for the designers, because I […]

GM Interview: Josh

In a recent issue of RPT I called out for volunteers to do a GM interview. I wanted to find out the nuts and bolts of how other game masters around the world prepared and ran their games. I received a number of offers, posted the first GM interview a couple of weeks ago, and […]

Minis Giveaway Contest

Arcane Heroes

Time for a new Roleplaying Tips contest. Gator Games has kindly offered an amazing 12 packs of D&D Heroes minis as prizes. There will be four winners in all, each will receive two or more packs of minis. Thanks very much, Jean! How to enter To enter, email me a tip related to minis or […]