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Darkest of Winters Adventure Synopsis #9

By Silveressa “Finally! Someone other then me gets covered in nasty crap!” –Jessy, relieved at avoiding being covered in dog puke. “At least until you have to clean your nephew up anyway.” –Heather, reminding him of the unpleasantly obvious.   Adventure #9 Thinking quickly Renee ran in a zig zag crouch toward the parked plane, yelling at […]

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February 10, 2011

Hangings can be Fun

by Mark Kibbe I recently had the pleasure of being hanged and I must say it’s a great feeling. I spent the next few days after the experience talking about the incident with my friends (and fellow players) and reliving the events leading up to the hanging. We discussed the information we had gathered and the […]

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February 9, 2011

Plot Management for Those Who Like Storytelling: Nine Events to Configure

By Michael Garcia Today we have a request for help from Gm Micheal Garcia, who is seeking advice on how to make his campaign reach a truly memorable climax. We played D&D Friday night again. Our campaign is really picking up speed. It’s starting to hit the point of critical mass, which I enjoy a […]

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February 7, 2011

An Experiment, Hero Lab, 7 Nations Session #2 – Brief Word From Johnn

An Experiment As part of my goal to offer optional HTML and mobile friendly versions of the newsletter this year, I’m experimenting with the first stage, which is posting the newsletter in chunks on this blog before mailout. This offers a number of advantages: Your feedback on tips before they go into the newsletter You […]

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Darkest of Winters Adventure Synopsis #8

by Silveressa “I can’t imagine anything more disgusting then throwing up in a gas mask”. –Riley Setson, commenting on the fate of an unlucky pilot. “Really? How about crapping yer drawers in a hazmat suit” –Jessy Hannaford, proving yet again things can always be worse. The rest of the journey towards the air field proceeded […]

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