Donkey Catapults and Leather Jackets

Bring some LARP into your game

Hannah Lipsky from Chaotic Shiny Productions hosts the Brief Word for RPT#515. Tabletop with the LARPers I recently got shanghaied into an unusual Mage: the Ascension game with friends. The thing that makes this group different is that, unlike most gamers I know, everyone in this group got their start LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying) before […]

Tips For Naval Battles

Tie Fighter

From Mark of the Pixie Age of Sail Battles My general rule is to go with whatever the players suggest.  The description is however they want to describe it, but the mechanics stay as normal. So, if they declare they are going to “cross the T of the other ship and broadside its mainsail,” I […]

Spy Tips: Blind Communication

Top Secret Envelope

From Logan Horsford Blind communication protects the identity of the message sender. This offers the perfect tool for villains in your campaigns. Here are a few blind communication methods: Dead letter drop I make a chalk mark on a building that you go by on the way to work. That means, “you have a package […]

29 Minis Tips For The Frugal Gamer

Late last year RPT ran a contest for tips about minis and battlemats, with prizes graciously supplied by Gator Games. Response was tremendous! Below is part one of a new series that presents the awesome tips RPT readers submitted for the contest. Part one and two will cover tips aimed at gamers on a budget. […]

Demonstrate Character Heights


From Loren Lassiter Use a blank wall, preferably in sight of the table, to mark the characters’ relative heights. It’s a great way for everyone to truly picture how tall their characters are – and how they size up next to their co-adventurers. We use the wall behind the DM to affix signs that include […]

Darkest of Winters Adventure Synopsis #13

By Silveressa My apologies for  installment #13 coming late and being slightly shorter then usual; it’s been one thing after another this weekend. “At least with most of the industrial plants off line the air pollution level of the world will go down. Soon you’ll be able to smell a rose bush a few hundred […]