How Do You Prevent Metagaming?


In RPT#520, Sean made this tips request: Johnn, I nearly laughed aloud at work over the “One More Tip: Top 10 Ways to Stop Sounding So Damn Metagamey.” I would love to see some tips on handling metagame scenarios in tactful ways. My group tends to pour through every source book at their disposal (and […]

Crimson Dawn Adventure Synopsis #17

by Silveressa While later then planned due to Hurricane Irene laying waste to Vermont, and slightly shorter due to a lot of the session time taken up by the characters trying to formulate plans in game on how to deal with a few situations, I present you with the next installment of: Crimson Dawn “Do ya […]

Listen to these Great Recorded Game Sessions

RPG Podcasts

In RPT#525, Carl made this reader tip request: What would be the best videos or audios of RPG sessions that a new DM should watch or listen to? Several great readers responded with their suggestions. Thanks! 1. Penny Arcade, I Hit It With My Axe Carl, I’m rather fond of the Penny Arcade podcasts. When […]