Assassin Blog Carnival Wrap-Up – September 2011

RPG Blog CarnivalAssassins were the theme of Sep’s RPG blog carnival. They were several excellent blog posts about this killer topic:

The Assassination Game @ Lungfishopolis – How to do assassins well as PCs or NPCs.

My Home Brew Old Hack: What about Assassins? Need them or not? @ The Geek Life Project – Grogtard talks about his OSR homebrew game and whether assassins should be a class.

Assassins in My Game @ World of Alidor – Jon says assassins are silly and why. (Consider your Coin of the Dead scooped for my campaign!)

Grupo de Asesinos @ El Hacedor de Dados – Talks about the assassin theme, in Spanish!

Asesinos @ Laboratorio Friki – And Spanish blog post about assassins. Also check out their second post for the carnival, Asesinos, como encajarlos en una partida.

Almas Blancas/White Souls @ La Choza del Friki – Another Spanish post that picks up the gauntlet.

Assassins in RPGs – Character Class or Character Type? @ Roleplaying Market – Looks at an alternate idea of what an assassin class could be. I agree.

RPG Carnival: Gremio de Asesinos de Canalburgo @ Los chismes del Narrador – Another Spanish blog, with a first-time entry in a blog carnival.

Assassins @ Board Enterprises – Asks who is the most useful assassin-type in games.

RPG Blog Carnival: Character Types – Part 17 – The Assassin @ Reality Refracted – Talks about running assassins as a GM and playing them as a player.

just a job to do @ Fame & Fortune – Offers three historical iconic assassins.

And STAY Dead! @ Lizard’s Gaming Blog – Offers a collection of items and rituals designed to aid in killing NPCs. (I could have used his Oil of Eternal Silence earlier in my Riddleport campaign.)

Inspirational Viewing – The Mechanic (1972) @ Sea of Stars RPG – Reviews the Bronson Classic about a professional world-weary killer.

Aptitud de asesino @ Detras de la Pantalla – A Spanish post the covers the assassin class plus another post about an unexpected type of killer.

Roleplaying Tips offered two articles on the topic – How to Contact and Hire an Assassin and 5 Effective Combat Tactics For Assassins.

And Campaign Mastery celebrates the upcoming release of a product Mike and Johnn worked on called Assassin’s Amulet -

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the RPG Carnival. I hope you had a lot of fun writing about this classic game element.

Be sure to head over to October’s carnival, Making The Loot Part Of The Plot.


  1. Klara says

    thanks for collecting the important things and tips for playing Assassin!ive started to play with it a few weeks ago, bit um going to be addicted…