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My 141 page book shows you how to create cool, interesting and cunning locations for better storytelling.

Never GM a Boring Tavern Brawl or Uneventful Night at the Inn Again

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The Definitive Sourcebook of Tips & Techniques for Desiging and Game Mastering Inns and Taverns

Hi, my name is Johnn Four and I've been a professional RPG writer for over 12 years now. I'd love share my unique GMing methods and techniques with you.

It's tricky trying to be creative all the time. Drawing inspiration for session after session is tough. And a common place inspiration fails is where great adventures begin: the tavern.

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Inns & Taverns solves your creativity problem and helps you whip up awesome fantasy encounters:

  • 141 Pages System Neutral - any game system
  • Learn the secret ingredient for adding dice-grabbing conflicts to tavern encounters
  • Get a complete urban location stat block and find out how to flesh it out to create unique inns, taverns and restaurants
  • Menu Generator including exotic meat (yeah, exotic meat!)
  • Tons of tables » Room Quirks, Interesting Patrons, Interesting Events, Random Furnishings, Name Generator
  • 50 Unusual Inn & Tavern Themes
  • ...And lots more to create and run awesome Inns & Taverns

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