RPT#652: Walking the Faction Pyramid, Magic Trinkets, Magic Banking

In RPT#644 I showed you how to use a tool called the Faction Pyramid Technique to create organizations that will drive your plots, adventures, and hexcrawls.

I went beyond the simple goals and structure of an organization and added the unique philosophies, lines, and limits of individual nodes to create specific factions. This time, I’ll touch on the nodes with more detail including changes over time, layers within the factions, and character interaction with the organization as a whole and their individual nodes.

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RPT Gems #15

The Adventure Funnel From the I Waste Buddha With My Crossbow blog, comes a simple adventure design template. When it’s time to whip up an adventure that I’m probably not going to run because nobody shows up or something else goes wrong, The Adventure Funnel lends a hand. Freebies For Sci-Fi GMs Terra Sol Games […]

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RPT Gems #13

Atlas Obscura Joeri Hi Johnn, I ran across this site. It’s an adventure site with special places and such from all over the world. ZeeMaps A private online map of Earth you can add push pins to. Use this for modern campaigns or to keep track of your players if you play online. If you […]

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RPT Gems #12

DM’s Tips On YouTube Sean Connors Check out my YouTube channel theoutsiders68, a program dedicated to DMing. [Johnn: Good advice here in Sean’s playlist. Lots of topics covered.] Free Books At RPGNow West End Games has several good books available for free at RPGNow. For example, D6 Fantasy, D6 Space and D6 Adventure. The new […]

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RPT Gems #11

Best Game Ever (A Different D&D Song) John Lach shared in the Old School Gamers Facebook Group a funny YouTube video I thought you might enjoy as well. A frustrated gamer shares his thoughts on problem player George in song. Poor George. Soundscapes and Music Managing for RPG Neith I saw you were suggesting software […]

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RPT Gems #10

Mutant Soundmixer This donationware software offers an easy way to manage sound effects and music for your sessions. Check out the screenshots to get a feel for its features. Friends, Foes & Followers This is a great 13 part series of NPCs you can use in your fantasy game. Written for Harn, each part has […]

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