RPT#658: When Players Don’t Show Up – What Do You Do?

I’ve had more players cancel in recent years than during any previous gaming stretch. Families and jobs demand more time as we get older. And we have more things tugging time away from us these days.

So what do you do when a players texts you to say he’s bailing? Do you cancel the session or game on? You game on, of course! And here is a list of ideas and tips, combined from those two RPT newsletters plus some extras, on what to do with that #$?#%#@ player’s character.

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RPT#656: Quest Cards

Brief Word From Johnn Johnn Chats With Playing Lean For those into game design and making a side business building games, you might be interested in a Hangout I had with Tore Rasmussen where we chatted about his new game, Play Lean. Currently in Kickstarter mode, Playing Lean teaches you how to start and scale […]

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New RPT Issues Online – Major Archives Update

I’ve just added about 20 issues to the Roleplaying Tips Archives page. RPT#645-654 are all back-filled. RPT#619-#627 added. And RPT#513. More issues from the archives will be posted online, a few here and there, until the job of a complete archives is finished. I hope you find the game master tips useful! Be sure to […]

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RPT#654: How to Use Meddling Gods to Make Life Very Interesting for Your Players

Five different ways to make lives interesting for the PCs with meddling gods. My world-building framework always starts with the gods because they influence my fantasy games so much. Gods should be active agents in games. Meddlers in conflict with one another. And possibly in conflict with cosmological evils. This instantly gives me adventure hooks, villain ideas, and campaign possibilities. The gods don’t just sit back and watch their favourite show on World TV. Instead, they play chess, sacrificing pawns to capture rooks, knights, queens, and kings. And as always, the PCs are affected.

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RPT#652: Walking the Faction Pyramid, Magic Trinkets, Magic Banking

In RPT#644 I showed you how to use a tool called the Faction Pyramid Technique to create organizations that will drive your plots, adventures, and hexcrawls.

I went beyond the simple goals and structure of an organization and added the unique philosophies, lines, and limits of individual nodes to create specific factions. This time, I’ll touch on the nodes with more detail including changes over time, layers within the factions, and character interaction with the organization as a whole and their individual nodes.

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RPT#648: War-Winning Missions

Brief Word From Johnn Mythic Gods Winners It was great to see the divine creations sent in for the Mythic Gods contest. For top-down type world building, there’s no better place to start than the powers-that-be. And for GMs looking for campaign seed ideas, conflicts with immortals are always fertile plotting grounds. Congratulations to the […]

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RPT Gems #15

The Adventure Funnel From the I Waste Buddha With My Crossbow blog, comes a simple adventure design template. When it’s time to whip up an adventure that I’m probably not going to run because nobody shows up or something else goes wrong, The Adventure Funnel lends a hand. Freebies For Sci-Fi GMs Terra Sol Games […]

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RPT Gems #13

Atlas Obscura Joeri Hi Johnn, I ran across this site. It’s an adventure site with special places and such from all over the world. ZeeMaps A private online map of Earth you can add push pins to. Use this for modern campaigns or to keep track of your players if you play online. If you […]

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