RPT Gems #2

The Hero’s Journey So without further ado, our first gem is all about creating killer stories. If you are not a fan of myth master Joseph Campbell, become one. For decades he studied myths from cultures all over the world, current time and from history. He figured out the secret formula and elements common to […]

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RPT Gems #1

What Do Players Want Most? In his Engaging Characters and Stories video, Troy Alford from Nerd Rage tells us why players show up to sessions. He makes a great point I’ve not heard elsewhere. And you can leverage this point immediately in your designs. Troy also shares excellent advice about how to make your players […]

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RPG Movies For Game Masters

Interested in movies for game master and RPG inspiration? Today you’re in luck! Below is a list of movies submitted by RPT readers as perfect for GMs to watch and get ideas from. The List: RPG Movies For Game Masters 11:14 13 Ghosts 13th Warrior Must-watches for any viking campaign. Gritty combat with pseudo-fantasy elements. […]

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