Darkest of Winters Adventure Synopsis #2

by Silveressa “Whooeee Uncle! you smell like the inside of a cows butt hole!” -Tommy Booths, commenting on his uncles new “cologne.” “So does his breath.” -Renee Black, quietly stating the obvious. With our adventurers now on horse back and heading in a northerly direction, leaving the now Not-so-Happy Trails Ranch behind them, they wisely […]

Dead Reign rpg campaign synopsis, Intro & Adventure #1


by Silveressa Intro: For those unfamiliar with zombie rpgs and Palladium’s Dead Reign in particular, you may want to check out this short review of the game setting: (Also the excellent zombie image is courtesy of  James Ryman, check out more of his artwork.) Now on with: Darkest of Winters “A road trip? In this mess that […]

Reader Tip Request – The Manhunt

Today I received the following tip request. As the newsletter is a couple weeks away, and Justin needs some tips asap, I thought I’d put this shiny new blog to work and see if you have any ideas or advice for Justin: Johnn, I have been reading your newsletter and blog for about 2 months […]