Make The New Player Welcome


by Heather Grove Brand Shiny New Players Bringing new people into your pre-existing gaming group sounds really easy, doesn’t it? You just bring them into your living room, sit them down, give them some dice and a character sheet, and voila, there you go. Umm, or maybe not. Plenty of people try roleplaying for a […]

How I Used D&D To Win At Work


A long-time RPT reader, Forrest Elam, sent me this neat story below from one of his players. It tells how she used her GM skills to conquer her day job in fine fashion. Congrats on the coup, T. And thanks for sending me this, Forrest. How I Used D&D To Win At Work By T. Here is a […]

GM Interview: Ana Cláudia

Interview #7 features Ana from Brazil who is new to GMing and likes to terrorize her boyfriend. Ana, in your next campaign you should run identical triplet NPCs. One is evil, one is neutral and one is good. It’s up to your boyfriend’s character to first learn there are identical NPCs running around wreaking havoc. […]

Growing Up & Gettin’ Old: When Young and Old Collide


Guest Article by Darren Blair It happened again the other night. New group. New expectations. D&D 3.5.  And the would-be GM asked me what my experience was when it came to gaming before a mutual friend of ours could stop him. D&D all editions. Battletech, d20 Modern, Star Wars d20 and BESM d20. A funky […]

GM Interview: Randy Harris


Today we chat with a busy father who seems to find time for gaming bycomboing day care with RPG. Beware his eyebrows. Please introduce yourself. My name is Randy Harris (my mom calls me Randall and I’m Ronin_Randy on the internets). I currently reside in Manhattan, Kansas where I’m a web troubleshooter by day, an […]

GM Interview: Bill Korsak

This week we interview a veteran GM who runs a lot of different systems. Short and to the point, Bill offers us some great nuggets in his answers. Bill Korsak Describe your perfect gaming session with you as GM Never having to open the rulebook or have the dice rolled. How long have you been a GM? […]

Pet & Peer NPCs


by Silveressa Sometimes playing a major NPC that’s part of the party can be tough. After all, it’s hard not to have the NPC come up with a winning strategy, spot a piece of evidence or find a trap the PCs overlooked. However, if one does this too much, the NPC becomes the crutch the group leans […]

Keep focused on the game


By Silveressa When I first started GMing years ago I ran into this problem rather frequently: An in-character action resulted in an out-of-game movie one liner, and then the game unexpectedly paused for several minutes while the group discussed the movie in question. I found a few easy tricks that worked surprisingly well to keep […]

GM Interview: Jared

We continue the GM interviews, or should I call it the J interviews? Jared joins Josh, Jenette and Josiah in sharing with us his GMing style. Jared Hunt ( Section One: Opportunities What is your biggest GMing stumbling block right now? What could you do to fix that? I think I’ll go with the cliche […]

GM Interview: Josiah

Welcome to the third in a series of GM interviews I conducted with Roleplaying Tips readers in the fall. Today we chat with new-ish GM Josiah Bradbury. Section One: Opportunities What is your biggest GMing stumbling block right now? Designing failure into my games. I am too nice of a person and I do not […]

GM Interview: Josh

In a recent issue of RPT I called out for volunteers to do a GM interview. I wanted to find out the nuts and bolts of how other game masters around the world prepared and ran their games. I received a number of offers, posted the first GM interview a couple of weeks ago, and […]

How Can GMs Evoke the Tone of Danger in an RPG?

A member over at asked “How can GMs evoke the tone of danger in an RPG?” Here was my answer: To me, danger = risk. What are the stakes? Add dependents and dependencies to the PCs and then jeopardize those. Allow PC deaths. The tension of potential character death in just one encounter can […]