22 Terrain Hacks For the Low Budget Game Master

Frugal terrain for rpg

Last week featured minis tips on the cheap. This week, the series continues with ideas for doing terrain without breaking your budget. For scenery, keep some rocks, pebbles, lichen and large chips of bark in a shoebox. You can increase the atmosphere a lot with simple terrain. Junked tire. Cut an old tire from a […]

29 Minis Tips For The Frugal Gamer

Late last year RPT ran a contest for tips about minis and battlemats, with prizes graciously supplied by Gator Games. Response was tremendous! Below is part one of a new series that presents the awesome tips RPT readers submitted for the contest. Part one and two will cover tips aimed at gamers on a budget. […]

Where can I find cheap minis online?

cheap minis online

A reader emailed me this week with a request on where to buy cheap minis online. I know I have stumbled onto a couple of good sites in the past, but darned if I can find the links now. So I tweeted the request and got some great replies. Thanks folks. Now I’m posting to […]

Minis Giveaway Contest

Arcane Heroes

Time for a new Roleplaying Tips contest. Gator Games has kindly offered an amazing 12 packs of D&D Heroes minis as prizes. There will be four winners in all, each will receive two or more packs of minis. Thanks very much, Jean! How to enter To enter, email me a tip related to minis or […]