Interview With Author of The Vacant Forge

Darrin Drader has written for the top game companies, including Wizards of the coast and Paizo. With over 50 writing credits to his name, he’s got experience crafting stories and adventures. I emailed Darrin and asked him if I could pick his brain about how he creates his adventures, worlds and stories. Here’s what he […]

Quick Editing Help Needed

[Update April 14: Thanks very much to the great editors who helped out! The files have all been taken care of now. Stay tuned for more news about the Combat Swipes.] Howdy Roleplaying Tips fan! I’ve just compiled all the raw entries from the Combat Swipe File contest. They have been broken up into short […]

Download Free Preview of GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials

Download a preview of my book, GM Mastery: Inns & Taverns Essentials. 95% system neutral! Inns, taverns, and restaurants – these are the places of role-playing legend. Well, maybe not so much restaurants, but places to eat are important too! Such businesses are often the first place characters go when they enter a city, and […]

How to Contact and Hire an Assassin

Assassin's Amulet cover

How do you handle assassin services in your campaigns? This situation offers you an opportunity to enrich your campaign and world through interesting encounters and possibilities. In this excerpt from Assassin’s Amulet – my upcoming essential GM Toolbook – I reveal the gaming potential of contacting and hiring assassins in your campaigns. Begin Excerpt: This […]

Flashback Fridays!


by Silveressa Every Friday starting today, we’ll be providing you with a blast from the past, old articles brought back to the forefront for your reading pleasure! Each Article will help new readers with classic advice, and remind our long time fans of great tips they may have overlooked or forgotten about.

Silveressa’s Introductory


by Silveressa Hi yas, I’m Jenette, but many of you online probably know me as Silveressa. I’m the new co-blogger here. I’ve been playing and GMing RPGs for close to 17 years now and happy to have this opportunity to contribute to my favorite hobby. I’m currently running a Serenity campaign for my weekly group, […]

RPT #509 Posted – Best Game Master Tips of 2010, Part 1

Just posted by our awesome webmaster, Steve B: Best Game Master Tips of 2010, Part 1. Also included this issue is a Reader Tip Request: What is the most important thing you learned about GMing this year? Happy new year. Please get some game mastering done in 2011!

Minis giveaway winners selected and contacted

I just finished contacting all the randomly selected winners of the minis giveaway. I had to word the emails carefully to avoid them getting flagged as spam. Words like contest, winner, free and others are killers on deliverability. Here is a list of winners to check just in case you were selected and my email […]

Site theme updated

The website is in Shadowfell right now. Part lies in the new template, part lies undisturbed on ancient grounds. My content management system is old and creaking. New content becomes harder to add each week. There is so much content, all previous efforts at migrating to WordPress – or any other CMS – have failed. […]