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September 22, 2011

How To Turn A Haunted House Into An NPC

From the GMMastery Yahoo Group A GM asked for help making a haunted house become an interesting NPC. Lots of ideas poured into the thread, which I thought I’d highlight here. I fully support giving locations personality. And as you’ll see below, creative GMs can also make places interactive and dramatic. The Initial Request From […]

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Writing the Effective Villain

by Ruth D. Kerce A lot has been written about how to develop the hero and heroine in a story. An often overlooked, but equally important character, is the villain. He/She must also be developed properly to make the plot believable. Many of the techniques used to develop other characters will also work in developing […]

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March 3, 2011

How Do You GM Great Droids?

In RPT #512 RND(axe) asked for help on running interesting droids in his Star Wars game. I received the following two great responses: Keep Droids Tools From Mark of the Pixie When I run droids, I stay focused on their purpose.  Droids are tools, not characters (helps stop them outshining PCs).  It colours their outlook […]

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