City Encounter Generator

City Square image: http://herbanicus.deviantart.com/ – Thanks Danny!

  • Gerald

    Great seeds, but just like a botanical seed catalogue, it would be great to have the option of having some “order” (or maybe “relevance” is a better word).
    I don’t mean categories, as this is too rigid, but how about TAGS?
    Make/gather a list of possible tags (with fairly broad names like “entrapment”, “magical”, “intrigue”… 10-20 at most so that it doesn’t fill the whole screen)and apply them (maybe crowd source the task?) to each of the 650 seeds.
    Then provide the tag list as a series of check-boxes in the generator interface. Electing to check NONE will return the current result, ie. a completely random selection of ‘n’ seeds.

    • http://www.roleplayingtips.com Johnn

      Good comment Gerald. I was batting this idea around with Mike Bourke of CampaignMastery.com. The challenge is the time it would take to create a taxonomy and tag all the entries – time I do not have this year.

      We thought a wiki might work where gamers could help us tag the hooks….

      • Mike Bourke

        That’s still the best answer I can come up with short of some keyword search to give a rough cut. The big trick is getting the taxonomy right, as we discovered the more we dug into the possibilities.

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  • Lord Skudley

    In issue 500 you mention that “All [720] entries will be available for download soon.” Are they? If so where can I find them?

    • Lord Skudley

      Never mind I found it (accidently) you might want to put a link to it somewhere noticeable.

      • http://www.marquesjordan.com Marques Jordan

        I’m looking for the 720 that were to be made available but I can’t find it. Any chance you could post a link?

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  • Rohonos Firesmith

    This is just awesome. I might have to try quite a few of these with my players!