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If You Struggle With NPCs, My Book GM Mastery: NPC Essentials Will Give You Everything You Need to Become an NPC Master

NPC Essentials is a huge collection of tips, techniques, and aids that will inject life and detail into your NPCs. This comprehensive book is filled with step-by-step advice on designing, roleplaying, and managing NPCs during the entire lifetime of your campaigns.

Also included are NPC archetypes, encounters, random generation charts and tables, NPC character sheets, and an example NPC-centric adventure (d20, fantasy).

This book contains advice I've never seen anywhere else.

For example, power bases. Where does your NPC derive his strength from? How does this affect his personality, ambitions, and behaviour? Power bases are perfect for designing complete and realistic villains to plague your players while entertaining them at the same time.

I've also included and condensed a lot of the advice published in the Roleplaying Tips e-zine over the years as well. This makes NPC essentials your one-stop shop for NPC tips and tutorials.

This product is far and away one of the best purchases I have made on RPGNOW. I have commented on a number of quality documents and supplements, but none compare to this with regard to value and usefulness. NPC Essentials guides the reader through a number of different NPC creation methods and gives them a lot to think about! Well done. I make it a policy to never give anything I review five stars, unless I believe that it is perfect. This document is perfect.

Christopher Sargent 
DTRPG Reviewer

NPC Essentials Table of Contents

The book is 84 pages long.

Here's the core table of contents (click the Expanded Table bar below to view all sections):

Chapter 1: Intro
Chapter 2: Design
Chapter 3: Roleplaying
Chapter 4: Campaign Management
Chapter 5: NPC Archetypes
Chapter 6: NPC-Centric Adventure
Chapter 7: Charts & Tables

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  • Written by Johnn Four
  • 84 Pages
  • PDF, Instant Download
  • Any game system
  • 4.9/5 Stars on DTRPG

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"The text has depth - it looks very hard at organizing NPCs and giving them a living role in your campaign. Its not your usual gaming fluff written by second-rate writers for munchkin players; this is a serious and practical look at creating, using, and managing NPCs. The points may be familiar to those who have experienced training in acting, but but to me, it was one of the best supps I've gotten in 25+ years of gaming."

JD Smith
DTRPG Reviewer

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