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How to Think Faster On Your Feet While You GM

A couple weeks ago I sent out a Reader Tip Request for the spouse of a GM in need. The game master was having problems reacting to in-game events. He needed to think faster – or different – on his feet so he could handle unexpected player decisions and actions better. Here’s the request from RPT Reader F.: Reader Tip Request: Thinking Fast on Your Feet Hello! I [...]

Minis Giveaway Contest

Gator Games is an FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store) operating in San Mateo, CA. If you’re close enough to make them your Friendly Local Gaming Store, please go check them out in person. If you’re clear across the country, Gator Games has an online store full of used games, minis, and all sorts of goodies for ultra savings. Use coupon code rpgsrule for additional sav [...]

Reader Tip Request: How do you handle split parties?

Reader Tip Request: How do you handle split parties? Today, I'd like your advice and tips on how to handle split parties. Daniel S. writes: "How can I make everyone happy when groups are split in their decisions for destinations and plans?" One tip I have is to go around the table and give each split-off player or sub-group a bit of spotlight time. GM them for a short [...]

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Everything I Needed to Know About Marketing I Learned Playing Dungeons and Dragons

While this great slideshow from Ian Lurie won't help you become a better GM (or will it?), you will learn about marketing and business. I'm posting this in case you needed even more reasons to play => it'll help you become more business savvy! Everything I needed to know about marketing I learned playing Dungeons and Dragons from Ian Lurie [...]

RPG Movies For Game Masters

Interested in movies for game master and RPG inspiration? Today you're in luck! Below is a list of movies submitted by RPT readers as perfect for GMs to watch and get ideas from. The List: RPG Movies For Game Masters 11:14 13 Ghosts 13th Warrior Must-watches for any viking campaign. Gritty combat with pseudo-fantasy elements. Also good for a primeval, low-magic [...]

Eight Tips For Using Real World Locations In Your Games

By Jesse C Cohoon You probably know your hometown well. Its streets, landmarks, people. So why not use it as an adventure location? It's easy drawing from memory and picturing the details to make descriptions vivid and mapping easy. And there's a lot of inspiration there to draw from based on your experiences and stories you heard growing up. But if you use the real wo [...]