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Donkey Catapults and Leather Jackets

Hannah Lipsky from Chaotic Shiny Productions hosts the Brief Word for RPT#515. Tabletop with the LARPers I recently got shanghaied into an unusual Mage: the Ascension game with friends. The thing that makes this group different is that, unlike most gamers I know, everyone in this group got their start LARPing (Live Action Roleplaying) before […]

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February 7, 2011

An Experiment, Hero Lab, 7 Nations Session #2 – Brief Word From Johnn

An Experiment As part of my goal to offer optional HTML and mobile friendly versions of the newsletter this year, I’m experimenting with the first stage, which is posting the newsletter in chunks on this blog before mailout. This offers a number of advantages: Your feedback on tips before they go into the newsletter You […]

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