Hot Pursuit Tips

Pursuit tips

From Mark of the Pixie How you GM a pursuit depends a little on what sort of pursuit it is. Hot pursuit The enemy is always within sight, and you need to try every trick you can to get away.  This includes cinematic chases with shooting and dodging, but can also include the more subtle […]

Speeding Up Combat

Speed Up Combat

From Len Henderson One of the most enjoyable parts of roleplaying for many gamers is combat. However, especially in large groups, players can wait for a considerable amount of time between turns. This sort of wait leads to boredom and cross chatter, annoying the GM and the player whose turn it is. Here are things […]

When You Need To Cast In Secret


From Morgan Joeck One thing that bothered me when I first started gaming was identifying the spell I was casting when those around me would not have known what it was. My solution to that was to print out colorful fractals or other designs on index cards and fold them into little envelopes containing the […]

Three Ways To Game With Casual Players

Casual RPG players

From Mark of the Pixie Johnn, I agree with your epiphany that we should play more. One way I am looking at to help facilitate this (as work, children, and other responsibilities reduce our time) is the logistics of how we play. Most of my games are fortnightly three hour face-to-face table top sessions in […]

Organize Your Information With Evernote


From Jared Hunt Evernote is a free service that I’ve used on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. There are versions for other mobiles and for Windows as well. It is a simple word processing program that incorporates online storage so you can share your notes across any number of your computers and devices. One […]

Tips For Naval Battles

Tie Fighter

From Mark of the Pixie Age of Sail Battles My general rule is to go with whatever the players suggest.  The description is however they want to describe it, but the mechanics stay as normal. So, if they declare they are going to “cross the T of the other ship and broadside its mainsail,” I […]

Spy Tips: Blind Communication

Top Secret Envelope

From Logan Horsford Blind communication protects the identity of the message sender. This offers the perfect tool for villains in your campaigns. Here are a few blind communication methods: Dead letter drop I make a chalk mark on a building that you go by on the way to work. That means, “you have a package […]

Demonstrate Character Heights


From Loren Lassiter Use a blank wall, preferably in sight of the table, to mark the characters’ relative heights. It’s a great way for everyone to truly picture how tall their characters are – and how they size up next to their co-adventurers. We use the wall behind the DM to affix signs that include […]

Turn Terrain Into A Monster

Swamp Terrain

From Mark of the Pixie Sometimes I will stat up a terrain (i.e. the swamp of nightmare) as a monster to make travel interesting. Over the hours, days or weeks it will harass the PCs with its attacks (swarms of insects, thorns) and use its special abilities against them (bog pits, gas fires, nightmares, paranoia). […]

Three Quick Equipment Tips


From Mark of the Pixie Equipment I don’t sweat the little stuff. Characters have signature items (gear they have paid XP for), wealth (a bonus they can use to get little stuff as needed, see below) and possibly a few personal items (which may give a +1 or +2 bonus to one thing). Otherwise, I […]