Contest – Enter Your 3 Minute Magic Items to Win RPG Books & Software

Image of CameoIt’s time for another reader contest. Let’s put the 3 Minute Magic Items template I posted last week to use.

You can create cool treasure for your campaign and enter a contest at the same time!

Gator Games is sponsoring the contest and you can win some great books from them.

How To Enter

Follow the 3 Minute Magic Item template described below to create a magic item.

Email me your magic item creation or post it as a comment below.

Multiple entries are welcome!

Prizes Up For Grabs

Care of Gator Games (available to North Americans only due to shipping restrictions):

  • Wraith Recon Core Rulebook for use with D&D 4th Edition
  • Dungeon Master’s Guide 2 for D&D 4th Edition
  • Monster Manual 2 for D&D 4th Edition
  • The Adamantine Arrow for Mage the Awakening
  • Player’s Guide for Aces and Eights
  • Fantasy Craft Core Rulebook from Crafty Games

And these prizes are available to anyone in the world:

How to Win

There will be three sets of prize draws: Nov 7, Nov 21 and Dec 5

All entries submitted before each date will be eligible for each draw. So enter early and often.

Winners will be drawn at random.

Don’t worry about the quality of your writing – I’ll help edit.

As always, entries will be given back to the community after the contest, so you’ll be helping your fellow GMs too.

If you have any questions, drop me a note.

Here’s the stat block template to use for your entries:

  • Awesome Name
  • Appearance
  • Benefit
  • Drawback
  • Lore
  • Twist

Check out the full articles about 3 Minute Magic Items to learn more about what each stat block item is about.

Thanks to Gator Games for their sponsorship!

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