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5 Room Dungeons Book Cover

The Ultimate Guide. 317 pages! How to build 5 Room Dungeons, plus 87 examples, and a full chapter on design.

650 Fantasy City Encounter Hooks

650 instant encounter ideas for your fantasy cities. A perfect reference while you're GMing.

RPG Campaign Tracker Workbook Cover

This simple tool makes running your campaigns smoother. It tracks all your essential details.

Featured Game Master Tips

d6 Ways To Spice Up Next Session
Next session, let's mix it up. Let's make things more fun for ourselves and our players using these d6 tables of dangers, goals, and plot twists for ideas.
Use This 10 Idea Checklist To Fix Your Pacing
How to manage your Session Pacing better with this cool "midpoint" checklist. Use this tool halfway through sessions to crank up table energy again.
How To Create Your Kingdom’s History
How your kingdom plays in the present is influenced by events from the past. Here's a very cool system for generating Kingdom Events. Tables included.
How To Build Quick Guilds For Your Kingdom
How to create guilds for your fantasy kingdom fast. Use these random tables and charts to build capsule stat blocks for guilds complete with juicy campaign hooks.
Factions Done Blades In The Dark Style
I’ve become a big fan of the way that Blades in the Dark handles world-building. Assign basic stats and create agendas tracked with progress clocks.
GMing Gods, Demons And Immortals
How do you GM over-powered beings like demons and gods, and still give the players the sense of accomplishment and great memories that such encounters create?

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