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Hi Johnn,

I wanted to reach and thank you for the GM aides. I have been using them over the last few days and they have sped up my preps 10 fold.

I am running a Horror/Ustalav Pathfinder home brew and the NPC and campaign tracking are awesome.

Our campaign now has 30+ 10 second NPC's and the players at session last night were amazed that there were actual characters to interact with.

Joe Strong - Pathfinder GM

Hello there Johnn,

Thank you so much for your advice over the past months since I have joined your mailing list.

Whenever I get a bit stuck, I turn to your Musings and the fantastic NPC pack I purchased from your site.

We are all having a blast and I just wanted to thank you for your time and effort, it's really appreciated.

Many thanks.

Sara - D&D GM

Hey Johnn,

I subscribed awhile ago and it's the most useful email feed that I follow.

I'm starting D&D in my office at work and I plan to use so many of your tips to make this experience unique and unforgettable.

Thanks for writing so many useful tips and offering so much help for DMs onilne. Your tips help me think of different ways to approach and craft experiences for the players that they will talk about for years to come.

Without your tips, my game would not be nearly as interesting or exciting. 

Steven Rogers - D&D GM

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