8 Ideas For Your Next Adventure

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #1109

RPT GM and Adventure Building Workshop alumni Jesse Cohoon reached out and asked if he could help with the newsletter.

Thanks Jesse!

I asked him to come up with some adventure seeds, as game masters often get stuck for ideas.

Here’s what he came up with for us:

Fey Games

A group of fey has been harassing a town. The Feywild doesn’t want these fey because they’re troublemakers. It’s up to the PCs to enter the Feywild and plead the banished fey’s case.

If the PCs fail, the townsfolk will take more extreme measures, and an all-out war between the humans and fey will develop.

Digging a Bigger Hole

A mining operation in the country is polluting the town’s water supply. The PCs are to put a stop to the pollution.

If the PCs fail in the task, the townspeople will need to move.

If negotiations fail, they can resort to force. However, such force could be the spark that ignites a powder-keg of violent activity against the town.

A group of umber hulks (or other large, burrowing creatures) has dug under the city, causing the ground to sag in several areas. If the digging continues, sinkholes will form, causing instability for the whole town. It’s up to the PCs to stop them by force.

Herbal Bodyguards

A local herbalist hires the PCs to escort her through the woods. She needs to collect ingredients for the pills, poultices, potion, and poisons she concocts.

Many of the ingredients are difficult to find, and while collecting, she is vulnerable. If she doesn’t get enough ingredients, the townsfolk will have a hard time since her stock is dangerously low.

Runaways or Kidnapped?

A group of concerned parents hires the party to track down their children who have been missing for a day.

The parents fear something bad has happened to them.

The PCs need to find them before they are either shipped away or killed. 

Ritual Integrity

A group of sages hires the PCs as guards to prevent interruption while they perform a delicate experiment.

The slightest interruption, vibrations, or mishaps will cause years of work to go down the drain.

But not everyone is enthusiastic to get the true results as the sages are, and some plan on sabotaging the procedure.

Who Summons the Summoners?

A town hires the PCs to investigate strange goings-on in the forest.

Deep within the wood is a cave where the PCs discover a cult trying to summon a terrible creature.

Merely stopping the summoning isn’t enough. The villain has other cults hidden in the region doing the same.

What’s Good For the People?

The PCs become embroiled in a fight for the throne.

One faction wants the King’s nephew to take over after the current king dies.

Another group hopes the King’s son to inherit. Whoever the PCs side with will probably win. It’s up to them to determine who would make a better leader.