A New Year, New Campaign Tool For You

Here’s a Mad Lib you might find useful for your GM Toolbox.

There’s a January tradition in the RPG community. It’s called New Year, New Campaign. You might start a campaign. You could also run a different game system. I like to add a third option: campaign reboot.

Why not take the opportunity of setting yourself up for a successful year of GMing with either something new or something refreshed?

I’m hopping on that wagon myself with a new campaign being pounded out in ye old forge as we speak. However, I’m keeping it on the down-low for now. I’ve got prep catch-up to do for Basilica, and want to feel like I’m ahead of things there before I GM something else. So, for now, Campaign X stays in world-building and campaign prep mode.

With this in mind, a Mad Lib jumped out at me as I was flipping through old Dragon Magazines. This campaign template comes from Dragon #228, which calls it the Random Campaign Generator.

Here it is:

The Random Campaign Generator

The player characters are [ADJECTIVE] [PARTY] sent by [BOSS] on a quest to [VERB] [McGUFFIN]. Along the way, they must deal with [ENCOUNTER], [ENCOUNTER], and [ENCOUNTER], but finally reach their goal. In a final scene of [TACTIC], they triumph and are rewarded with [REWARD].

In the magazine, the blanks aren’t labels. Instead, there’s a numbered key with each blank having a d12 table. I added the labels so you could get the gist of the intent behind each piece.

Three Quick Observations

First observation is, if you look at the table values from issue #228, this is more of an adventure generator than a campaign generator. There’s not enough weight or scope here on which to hang an entire campaign. For example, the first ENCOUNTER table includes 4. a lecherous innkeeper, 6. traveling salesmen, and 7. ghosts.

Second observation is, we could turn this in to a fantastic 5 Room Dungeon seed maker!

Here, let’s tweak it a bit to get a fantastic 5 Room Dungeon Mad Lib:

The player characters are [ADJECTIVE] [PEOPLE] sent by [BOSS] on a quest to [VERB] [McGUFFIN]. Along the way, they must deal with [ROOM I], [ROOM II], and [ROOM III], but finally reach their goal. In a final scene of [ROOM IV], they triumph and are rewarded with [ROOM V].

And third observation is, sometimes the hardest part in getting a campaign started is figuring out the first adventure!

So, try this Mad Lib out to kickstart a great adventure or even campaign.

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Have more fun at every game!

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