d6 Polar Adventure Seeds

To celebrate the release of my latest GM Cheat Sheet, the Polar Adventures Generator, here are a half-dozen adventure seeds to help kickoff your next chilling adventure!

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1. Aurora’s Master

A sorcerer named Zephyros Starweaver, exiled to the Frostspire Mountains, has discovered a way to harness the dancing auroras into monstrous forms that become real. These magnetic creatures of light descend to the ice and snow and ravage all who get into their path, just like Bumble in Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. (I watched Rudolph again this Christmas for the umpteenth time — still a great show!)

Zephyros seeks revenge against those who banished him, but the PCs will learn that he is actually being controlled by a darker force emanating from the dark skies.

2. Frozen Relic Heist

In the icy caverns of Glacial Hollow, the notorious thief Ravenlocke seeks an ancient artifact said to control winter itself. Villagers nearby are terrified of eternal winter. The party’s efforts to stop Ravenlocke are hampered by terrible winter storms with high winds and low temperatures.

Should the heroes wrest control of the Frost Sceptre away from the rogue, they discover the artefact is actually a trapped ice elemental seeking freedom.

3. Moby Dick

In the treacherous Sea of Endless Ice, Captain Icereaver, a ruthless pirate, hunts a legendary sea monster. He believes that eating the heart of the massive arctic whale, Glaciermaw, will make him immortal.

In truth, the ritual will do nothing, the monster is likely to swallow Icereaver, his ship, and the PCs whole. The monster is savage because of evil creatures living inside it. (Hat tip to The Big Mouth.)

4. The Cult of the Berg

Deep in the north, on the edge of the Targa Coast, a cult led by the mysterious frostseer, Isbreen Klyve, quests to awaken a slumbering ice giant who will turn the world into a giant ball of ice. The cult’s base lies inside a massive iceberg that the frostseer (froststeer?) can control. However, the caster is actually the last of an ancient race, trying to bring back their lost civilization. (Inspired by reading Corum again — fantastic classic fantasy.)

5. The Icework Army

In her extensive cave lair carved into the side of a deep ice crevasse, the mad alchemist Sikuaq concocts chilling brews from her iron cauldron that transform ice carvings into living and obedient crystal minions. With her army, she plots to become Queen of the North and make all bend the knee to serve her insane desires.

However, it turns out the ice creatures thus born become sentient, and would cooperate with the PCs to stop the alchemist’s evil plans if requested.

6. The Demonplague

Hey, this one might sound a bit familiar. 🙂

In his dungeon prison deep below a thousand-year-old glacier, the evil demon Xancrown plots to destroy the realm. When a comet crashes in the northern mountains bordering the Luna Valley, it suddenly melts the glacier, pitching the PCs into a post-apocalyptic world where survivors struggle daily for food, water, and safety.

To make the situation even more harrowing, a deadly plague once trapped within the ice begins to turn its victims into violent zombies who can spread the plague further.

Have more fun at every game!

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