New Mad Lib: Instant Magic Items

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0894

Got another Mad Lib for you today. This one is for special item creation and is inspired by the Perilous Deeps book for Dungeon World.

Just fill in the blanks to make an interesting item:

This item [DOES ACTION] [TO A THING] and the wielder [CAN CONTROL IT] which [CAN BE USED SOMETIMES].

For example:

This item allows for communication with predatory animals and the wielder has limited control which can be used daily.

Actions involve protecting, summoning, detecting, communicating with, and so on.

Things can be any people or monster types, energy types, objects, and so on.

The d10 Control Table in the book looks like this[41] :

  • 1-2 has complete control of the effect
  • 3-5 has limited control of the effect
  • 6-7 has no control over the effect
  • 8-10 can only turn on and off the effect

The d12 Usage Table looks like this:

  • 1 requires a random roll to use
  • 2-3 requires a skill roll to use
  • 4 can be used 1d12 times ever
  • 5-8 can be used once per day
  • 9-10 can be used twice per day
  • 11 can be used thrice per day
  • 12 can be used indefinitely

Try this Mad Lib out and share with me what you conjure up!