Feature comparison chart for Epic Words, Obsidian Portal, MyDndGame

Epic Words MyDndGame Obsidian Portal
Site-wide Forum Yes Yes Yes
Campaign-specific Forum Yes Yes Paid-only
Site Tutorials / Help Partial Partial Yes
Blog Yes Yes Yes
Wiki Yes Yes Yes
Wiki features
Preview edits Yes No No
Page history Yes No No
Page tags No Yes (called 'categories') Yes
GUI Editor Yes Yes Yes
Allows other markups Yes (custom) No Yes (Textile and some HTML)
Blog/wiki/forum can interlink Yes Partial (using full URLs) Yes
Store GM-only information Yes No Yes
Player locator map No No Yes
XP Tracker Yes No No
Loot Tracker Yes No No (but you can track individual items)
Dice Roller No Partial - you can roll dice in chat or forum posts with markup Yes
Live chat No Yes No
Character portraits Yes No Yes
Email notification of events Yes Yes Yes
Secure login (https) No No Yes - https
Export/Backup data No No Yes
Private Message System Yes Yes Yes
Searchable campaign list Yes Yes Yes
Easily searchable 'Open Games' list No Yes Yes
Advertisement-free Yes Yes No (but ads removed for pay accounts)
Image or File Hosting Partial - profile image, character image Partial - profile image 2MB for free campaigns / 1GB for paid
Free Account Yes Yes Yes
Paid Account $12/year Free $40-$60/year
Payment System Paypal None - free Amazon Payments

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