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The Organized Game Room

By Jeffrey G. Strause, Owner SWP, GamiCon
First posted at Jeff's website, reprinted here with permission.

Table & Shelf

This is a picture from the entrance to the gaming room. I use two 2' 6" x 6' tables, and then put a 3' x 4' map table 12" above the tables itself. There is a light underneath the top table along with a circuit breaker for anyone that brings their laptops or music.


I have copies of every character that is in the campaigns kept in binders so no one has a chance to leave them at home. I also have my world contained in the binders.


Here is a copy of my books that we presently game with. Not everyone can afford to buy them so I have purchased numerous copies for everyone to use during the gaming session.

6 Drawer Units

These units have numerous scenery pieces in them, including buildings, trees, campfires, doors, graveyard, mountains, hills, castles, boats, etc. You can never have to much scenery.

Left Wall

Here is a picture of my left wall where I place maps of the worlds we are in or the GM can put stuff on the dry erase board for everyone to see.


You can never have enough maps. You should also have them laminated to you can mark them up and erase them to use again.


Everyone start saying that I did not have enough minis - so I have now purchased over 2000 minis for our gaming group to use. I also have a lot of lead figures to use, along with items that can be found in rooms like beds, tables, chairs, traps, chests, etc.


Here is a picture of a couple of the scenery pieces on the top table.

WOTC Books

Here is a picture of some of my WOTC books. As you can see I have used E-bay to get extra books so everyone can have a copy while at the gaming table.

Other Books

Here are some of the other books that I have in my collection.