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Add Spikes Of Danger To Get Deeper Campaigns

An RPT GM asks about a design technique from my Adventure Building Workshop: Hey Johnn, I was reviewing the links in your 2019 Compilation and saw reference to “Spikes of Danger”. What is that referencing? I googled around and couldn’t find anything. Thanks, Paul I replied to Paul directly, but thought I’d share with you […]

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3 Common World Building Mistakes

By Danny O’neill and Ivan Sadzakov from Hammerdog Games Mistake #1: Avoiding All Tropes While it seems like everything has been done before, our favourite characters, locations, and world features fit many tropes. It’s less about being original and more about how well you execute and whether you can make these things stick. Through an […]

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Military Tips

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #318 Military Tips In issue #314 we put out a request for military oriented tips. Following are some great ideas and bits of advice from your fellow Roleplaying Tips readers. Rank And Hierarchy From Max Dodge Private – Private comes from new recruits joining in defense of their land. Otherwise known as […]

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Making Magic Items Interesting

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #320 Making Magic Items Interesting From Matt Craft Boring Magic A common problem in fantasy games is that magic items, no matter how rare they’re supposed to be, end up becoming boring, commonplace tools as far as the players are concerned. A longsword +1 is just a weapon that deals an extra […]

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