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RPT#186 – 8 Campaign Starter Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn Reader’s Tips Contest Winners Here are the randomly selected winners of the Reader’s Tips contest. Congrats and thanks again for the great entries– they’re already starting to appear in ezine issues. Bob W [Bob_W…] Staves of Ascendance Charlie B [charlieb…] Roleplaying Tips CD D G [tedk…] Roleplaying Tips CD Dale […]

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RPT#176 – Role-Playing And Giant Robots

A Brief Word From Johnn Supplemental #15 Now Available: Wilderness Encounters Yippee! The wilderness encounters contest entries have been compiled and are available free by autoresponder. Just send a blank email to: [email protected] The doc is plain text, 100k. Enjoy! Cheers, Johnn Four [email protected] “Featherball! I mean, featherrrr……..” BRING YOUR NPCS TO A NEW LEVEL […]

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RPT#170 – Creating A Sci-Fi Setting With Depth: 5 Tips On Creating Sci-Fi Locations

A Brief Word From Johnn New Contest: Wilderness Encounters & Conflicts Up for grabs in this new contest: 2 Print Books: “NPC Essentials” By RPG Objects & Johnn Four 3 eBooks: “Swords of Our Fathers” by The Game Mechanics Swords of Our Fathers 4 eBooks: “101 Arcane Spell Components” By Spider Bite Games & […]

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RPT#167 – The Principles Of Gaming Etiquette: A Real Document That Helped A Real Campaign

A Brief Word From Johnn Use This Week’s Tips To Create Group Contracts Last week I posted a request for example Group Contracts to help encourage and promote player co-operation. This week’s tips by Forrest fit perfectly into this category and I hope those GMs with player conflicts find them helpful. The Savage Caves A […]

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RPT#163 – When Players Attack: Tips For Encouraging PC Co-Operation

A Brief Word From Johnn New Contest: Interesting Combat Or Roleplaying “Scenes” This is an “ideas” contest, my favourite kind. Unlimited entries are allowed, with each scene representing one entry. To enter, read Varianor’s Reader Tip #2, “Making Combat Interesting,” in this issue where he provides several cool, one-two sentence combat “scenes”. Think up new scene […]

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