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RPT#201 – Political Campaign Tip: Create A Social Ladder

A Brief Word From Johnn Free Archives Download Updated This is one of the reasons last week’s issue was delayed; however, I’ve finally got the archive plain text zip download updated to Issue #200 and it’s available free for download! Merry Christmas! The RoleplayingTips GM Encyclopedia Is Here! 2300+ tips from 200 Issues have […]

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RPT#187 – My Experience on The Picture Side of The Screen: 6 Tips for Players

A Brief Word From Johnn Posting Full “From” Names Since the ezine’s inception in 1999, I’ve always posted Reader’s Tips “from” name as full first name and last name’s initial. Unless anyone objects, I’m switching to full name because I feel tips submitters will get a little more satisfaction that way. I certainly would, and […]

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RPT#186 – 8 Campaign Starter Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn Reader’s Tips Contest Winners Here are the randomly selected winners of the Reader’s Tips contest. Congrats and thanks again for the great entries– they’re already starting to appear in ezine issues. Bob W [Bob_W…] Staves of Ascendance Charlie B [charlieb…] Roleplaying Tips CD D G [tedk…] Roleplaying Tips CD Dale […]

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