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RPT#54 – 6 Story-Making Tips

Plot vs. Story Design Your Plot In Iterations Starting From The First Session Outwards Obey Your Game’s Rules & Your Game World’s Rules Work Each PC Into The Story Create Loose Ends Create Moveable Scenes A Brief Word From Johnn Brief Game Master Survey Thank you to everyone who filled out Gary Gygax’s game master […]

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RPT#53 – 8 Deadly Combat Tips

Understand How Deadly Combat Can Help Your Game Avoid Modifying Rules Turn Combat Into A Game Within A Game Use The Players’ Own Tactics Against Them Let Players Play The Bad Guys Purposefully Take Prisoners Have Multiple Foes Focus On The Weakest Characters Vs. Spreading One Foe Out Per Character Have Foes Give Another, Final […]

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RPT#50 – Rewards: 6 Ways To Help Your Players Develop Compelling Characters During Play

Go The Extra Mile Think Outside of the Game Rules Organize Your Character Development Ideas & Plans Introduce Rare Or Specialized Skills Give The Characters Scars Ask Your Players Questions To Help Them With Development Ideas A Brief Word From Johnn Marcus, a good friend and an awesome roleplayer, recently taught me about a different […]

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RPT#47 – How To Keep Your Butt In One Piece While Adventuring In The Wilderness

Pick Your Camp Site Very Carefully Guard Duty Is Very Important Early Warning Is Critical Vision At Night Is Crucial Guard your Horses, Animals & Mounts Well Learn Your Game Master’s Tricks Bring Building Tools With You Waterproof Yourself Pay the Toll–Fighting Isn’t Worth It Prepare For Ambush A Brief Word From Johnn Well, I […]

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RPT#46 – 7 Tips For Fast & Effective Note-Taking While Game Mastering, Part II

Review Your Notes Within 2 Days After Each Session Group Your Notes By Drawing In The Margins Use Standardized Index Cards Underline Names Focus On Actions Clearly Label Your Pages Record What Is Important To Your Players A Brief Word From Johnn Terrific news: Roleplaying Tips Weekly is now being translated into Hungarian! Break out […]

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RPT#44 – How To Maintain Game Consistency, While Winging-It, For Left-Brain Game Masters, Part II

Be Vague Until Absolutely Necessary Copy Players’ Character Sheets Use a GM Binder or Notebook Use Specially Designated Index Cards Keep An NPC Log Review Your Notes Before Each Session A Brief Word From Johnn This issue is early as Sunday evening I’ll be sleeping on the couch with a stomach full of turkey: it’s […]

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RPT#43 – How To Maintain Game Consistency, While Winging-It, For Left-Brain Game Masters, Part I

Focus On Tracking Key Information Use a Numbered List For Cross-Referencing With Players Use A Campaign Calendar Write a Campaign Journal Enlist Your Players’ Help A Brief Word From Johnn Campaign consistency is a big deal for me because I’m on a quest to master the art of GMing on-the-fly. Also known as freestyle, ad-libbing, […]

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RPT#38 – How To Use E-Mail As A Super Campaign Management Gm Tool

Send Descriptions, Rumours & Tales Describe Character Research Efforts Start A Discussion About the Campaign & Sessions Send Important PC Paperwork To You Before the Session E-mail a Campaign Log Help Players Make Decisions Away From the Gaming Table Deliver Additional NPC Information Without Causing Unimportant Sidetracks Hand Out Experience Points Privately A Brief Word […]

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RPT#20 – Ten Tips For Stress-Free Gamemastering, By Kevin Davies

Ten Tips For Stress-Free Gamemastering, By Kevin Davies ©1999 by Kevin Davies Like many gamers, when I first entered the hobby, I thought that it was desirable and even necessary to have rules to account for the outcome of every possible Character action or environmental condition. Thick rulebooks were the norm, although roleplay games were […]

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