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RPT#253 – “On The Other Hand, Don’t Get A Horse” Facts and Data On Historical, Alternative Mounts, Part 1

A Brief Word From Johnn New Article Posted At The Site Check out a new article, “RPGs and Film narrative” by Julian Jackson. It discusses his ideas about the 3 Act Structure, and film narrative vs. GM narrative. RPG and Film Narrative Black Company RPG Anybody read the Black Company RPG yet? It’s a new […]

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4 Reader Tips — RPT#248

A Brief Word From Johnn Tips Request: Player Tips Last issue I posted a topic ideas request for Issue #250. Thanks to everyone who replied! I haven’t decided yet what the issue will be about, but Cris Jolliff sent in this idea that I’d like your help with for an upcoming issue: “I have an […]

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RPT#232 – Creating Past Lives For PCs

A Brief Word From Johnn Check Out The Free NPC Essentials NPC Generator Thanks to Jean-Michel Bravo, Tips reader and NPC Essentials owner, for whipping up a cool NPC background and personality generator. It uses the OGL charts from the NPC Essentials book to randomly create an NPC profile, including family, secrets, personality traits, schooling, […]

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