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Talking The Talk: NPC Speech Patterns — RPT# 172

A (Very) Brief Word From Johnn Last Week Of Contest: Wilderness Encounters & Conflicts Thanks to everyone who entered the Wilderness Encounters contest! The winners will be contacted this week and the contest entries posted in an upcoming issue. Cheers, Johnn Four [email protected] “Well, my little pretty, I can cause accidents too.” — The Wicked […]

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Creating A Sci-Fi Setting With Depth: 5 Tips On Creating Sci-Fi Locations — RPT#170

A Brief Word From Johnn New Contest: Wilderness Encounters & Conflicts Up for grabs in this new contest: 2 Print Books: “NPC Essentials” By RPG Objects & Johnn Four 3 eBooks: “Swords of Our Fathers” by The Game Mechanics Swords of Our Fathers 4 eBooks: “101 Arcane Spell Components” By Spider Bite Games & […]

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RPT#167 – The Principles Of Gaming Etiquette: A Real Document That Helped A Real Campaign

A Brief Word From Johnn Use This Week’s Tips To Create Group Contracts Last week I posted a request for example Group Contracts to help encourage and promote player co-operation. This week’s tips by Forrest fit perfectly into this category and I hope those GMs with player conflicts find them helpful. The Savage Caves A […]

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RPT#163 – When Players Attack: Tips For Encouraging PC Co-Operation

A Brief Word From Johnn New Contest: Interesting Combat Or Roleplaying “Scenes” This is an “ideas” contest, my favourite kind. Unlimited entries are allowed, with each scene representing one entry. To enter, read Varianor’s Reader Tip #2, “Making Combat Interesting,” in this issue where he provides several cool, one-two sentence combat “scenes”. Think up new scene […]

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The 10 Essentials Of A Swashbuckling Campaign — RPT#153

A Brief Word From Johnn Supplemental #12: Mapping Resources – Updated The freebie mapping resources document has been updated with a couple dozen more links to online maps and reviews of three commercial software packages so you can learn a little more about them before making your purchase decision: Dreaming Merchant Dungeon Designer, Fractal Mapper, […]

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RPT#149 – A Touchy Subject: Political Incorrectness In RPGs

A Brief Word From Johnn New Reviews Of GM Mastery: NPC Essentials Posted Here’s what had to say about my eBook:Review of NPC Essentials And here’s’s critique. Ordering info, sample pages, and other stuff for the eBook can be found at: NPC Side-Plots Downloads Todd Landrum, creator of DM’s Familiar, has taken the […]

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RPT#148 – 135 NPC Side-Plots

A Brief Word From Johnn Supplemental Issues Available By Autoresponder I had a few subscribers write in and ask how to get the various Supplemental Issues that have been released to date. Please find a complete list below. These issues are available by autoresponder, which means you just send a blank email to the address […]

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City Features And Flavors — RPT#146

A Brief Word From Johnn “Feedback For Johnn” Contest Thanks to everyone who sent in their valuable opinions, feedback, and thoughts about purchasing/not purchasing my new eBook, GM Mastery: NPC Essentials. For those of you who haven’t entered the contest, there’s still a few days left! The contest ends Saturday, November 2nd. Click here to […]

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