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10 PBEM Etiquette Tips For Beginner Players β€” RPT#145

A Brief Word From Johnn “Feedback For Johnn” Contest Prizes–Up for grabs in this contest are a bunch of d20 GM aid software titles! Winners will receive a fully licensed version of one of the following: RoleplayingMaster DM’s Familiar Campaign Suite The publishers have each offered 3 copies as prizes, so there’s a total of […]

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Challenge And Response: Designing Cultures For Your Game World Using Toynbee’s Principles β€” RPT#142

A Brief Word From Johnn I’m pleased to publish another though-provoking article from Dariel Quiogue this week. It describes a simple, two-step process for creating realistic societies and cultures. I hope you find it useful. I also feel you’ll find Reader’s Tip #3: Roleplaying Economics, from Runester a very interesting read. Thanks for the great […]

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RPT#140 – 14 MUSH Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn Peak RPG Time – Try To Find Time To Play This is prime time for playing RPGs. School’s back in session, work holidays are usually over, and most family events have finished up till Thanksgiving. Your players should have no more excuses for missing game nights. πŸ˜‰ Make sure you’re […]

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11 Dice Rolling Tips β€” RPT#138

A Brief Word From Johnn NPC Essentials Review My eBook about GMing, designing, and managing NPCs received it’s first review. Cool! Check it out at: On Holidays – #139 September 8th It’s time for a little vacation next week and there will be no issue sent next weekend. Issue #139 will be in your Inbox […]

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RPT#134 – When Powerful PCs Adventure With Weak PCs

A Brief Word From Johnn More GM Burnout Tips Heather Grove over at the Twilight Time newsletter has posted a great article covering GM burnout advice. As issues #130 & #131 dealt with the topic I thought you might also find this article valuable:Β HackMaster Contest Update Thanks to everyone who entered last week’s contest. […]

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Religions In RPGs – Designing Religions For Your Game-World β€” RPT#124

A guest article by “Ghoul” Religious Ideas Issues: Theology and ideology, sins and virtues An important thing to initially create are some ethical and moral dogmas to be imparted by the religion. Consider such issues as how real are the deities and how accurately does the religion communicate its deity’s message? Since what the church […]

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