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Royalty Free Music

I received a spam email the other day for a music sales site, but I noticed upon clicking through there was a link to a royalty free music site. Looks like there are some great sound effects and lots of music titles for session ambiance. No download links that I could see, but it would […]

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Site theme updated

The website is in Shadowfell right now. Part lies in the new template, part lies undisturbed on ancient grounds. My content management system is old and creaking. New content becomes harder to add each week. There is so much content, all previous efforts at migrating to WordPress – or any other CMS – have failed. […]

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RPT#289 – Rhyme Clues For Your Campaign

D&D Official Product – Fantastic Locations: Hellspike Prison Fantastic Locations: Hellspike Prison features two double- sided poster maps designed for roleplaying and miniatures skirmish play, plus an accompanying 16-page adventure that can be dropped into any campaign. The two poster maps can be put together to form the fiery underdark cavern known as Hellspike Prison, […]

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Take Ten: Appraise — RPT#287

Weather Dice Forget charts. Forget boring weather. Try weather dice to make weather generation fast and easy. A d6 with the following faces: Thunderstorm Tornado Rain Sunny Partly cloudy Snow Weather Dice at RPG Shop Take Ten: Appraise By David Newland and Johnn Four A character with skills is a character with options. Often overlooked […]

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RPT#284 – Blogging Your Game Sessions

Shadowrun Fourth Edition RPG Shadowrun, Fourth Edition offers a completely new rules system that is simple, integrated, and accessible. The state-of-the-art has also been advanced, introducing a new level of augmented reality, new gear, new magical discoveries, and more. Shadowrun Fourth Edition RPG at RPG Shop (Special: Free priority mail shipping for October.) Blogging Your […]

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RPT#282 – Get Rid Of The Grid (What I Learned From The Strategic Miniatures Player)

NEW: Freeport 5-Year Anniversary Edition In 2000 Green Ronin released Death in Freeport and kicked off the d20 phenomenon. This ENnie and Origins Award winning adventure was the first in the Freeport Trilogy, which was completed by Terror in Freeport and Madness in Freeport. To celebrate the 5-year anniversary of both the company and Freeport, […]

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RPT#281 – 7 More Monstrous Tips

d20 Klingons The first in a series of Empire Manuals, this book tells you everything you need to know to explore the Empire of Steel (or to become a command grade officer in it). History, government, religions (you thought they only had one?), military (Fleet, Army, Marines), intelligence and security organizations, Imperial paladins, civil and […]

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RPT#280 – Readers Write In

A Brief Word From Johnn Thunderbird Working Well I switched from Outlook late last year after another round of trying to recover corrupted data. After checking out various applications, I finally opted for Thunderbird. It’s been nearly a year of using it, and I’m glad to report it’s working well for me. E-mail is stored […]

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