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New Mad Lib: Instant Magic Items

Got another Mad Lib for you today. This one is for special item creation and is inspired by the Perilous Deeps book for Dungeon World. Just fill in the blanks to make an interesting item: This item [DOES ACTION] [TO A THING] and the wielder [CAN CONTROL IT] which [CAN BE USED SOMETIMES]. For example: This item allows for communication with predatory […]

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How To Create Five Room Horror Dungeons

Hola %FIRSTNAME% Roleplaying Tips Patron Jeffrey asks how to create five room horror adventures: Johnn, been reading for a long time, and always figured that I would one day have a question worthy of asking… I guess that day is today. How would you use a five-room dungeon to run a horror game? For readers […]

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How To Make Skill Items As Treasured As Magic

Reward players with treasure that enhances their skills. Sometimes we get focused just on just combat-related rewards, or treasures that grant cool powers like invisibility. Mix things up by offering skill items. Here’s how. Step 1: Make A List Run through the skill list of your game system and make a list. I’m a spreadsheet […]

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The Mad Lib d12 Random Quest Generator

A bit of fun inspiration for your campaign today. RPT GM Tony shares a random quest generator in Mad Libs format. What I like most about his plot generator is it creates a named and enumerated quest purpose. You could use this template to create legends, world wonders, artefacts, Spikes of Danger, and other nifty […]

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Sandbox Adventures – 5 Essential Ingredients

I got my first taste of sandbox play in B2: Keep on the Borderlands. The PCs based themselves in The Keep and forayed into the Wild. A crazy hermit shared the location of several caves nearby, confirmed dangerous, rumoured with riches. As the party crested a hill, a horseshoe valley stretched before them, rings of […]

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Villain Secrets And Weaknesses

From Aesma Daeva Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #704 I was recently reading some of Johnn’s articles and other sources about creating villains and realized that, in many gaming tables, little focus is placed on the villain’s secrets, flaws, and weaknesses. Maybe that’s because when we think of villains, the first thing that comes to mind is […]

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Utmost Evil: How To Make Strategic Use Of Villain Scenes

From Phil Nicholls Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #701 [Comment from Johnn: You’ve heard of the 3 Act Structure? Or the Hollywood Formula? Or the Hero’s Journey and Monomyth? Well there’s a Russian version different than those. And Phil is taking us through its highlights. Today he digs into villains! It’s great to learn new storytelling structures, […]

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Home Base Tips & Tables

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #699 Five PC Home Base Tips From Anson Brehmer Heroes are often shiftless wanderers, wandering from town to town looking for the biggest problem to tackle, the biggest monster to kill, and the biggest haul to score for a night of ale, wenches, and a shopping spree. This is a fine way […]

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How to Roleplay Seducers, Ancient Evils, Law Enforcement, and Genius NPCs

From James Introcaso Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #696 Roleplaying NPC Mannerisms Part II It is time to put on your acting hat. Roleplaying NPC Mannerisms Part I revealed the importance of distinct, specific non-player character mannerisms. When a great game master inhabits an NPC, the character’s physical and verbal mannerisms help set it apart from the […]

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