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RPT#159 – 6/666 Tips For GMing An Evil Group

A Brief Word From Johnn Campaign Newsletters Here are the links that were sent in regarding the request for online campaign newsletters. There’s not enough to warrant a Supplemental Issue, so I’m happy to post ’em here. If you’re thinking of writing a newsletter for your game, check out these pages: http://www.andyes.com/~tony/ http://home.planet.nl/~jvdriel/ http://www.mythosa.net/Articles.html http://www.stanford.edu/~frimicc/DnD/index.html […]

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RPT#163 – When Players Attack: Tips For Encouraging PC Co-Operation

A Brief Word From Johnn New Contest: Interesting Combat Or Roleplaying “Scenes” This is an “ideas” contest, my favourite kind. Unlimited entries are allowed, with each scene representing one entry. To enter, read Varianor’s Reader Tip #2, “Making Combat Interesting,” in this issue where he provides several cool, one-two sentence combat “scenes”. Think up new scene […]

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RPT#149 – A Touchy Subject: Political Incorrectness In RPGs

A Brief Word From Johnn New Reviews Of GM Mastery: NPC Essentials Posted Here’s what RPG.net had to say about my eBook:http://www.rpg.net/news+reviews/reviews/rev_7367.html And here’s GamingReport.com’s critique. Ordering info, sample pages, and other stuff for the eBook can be found at: http://www.gmmastery.com NPC Side-Plots Downloads Todd Landrum, creator of DM’s Familiar, has taken the side-plots list from […]

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