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RPT#38 – How To Use E-Mail As A Super Campaign Management Gm Tool

  Send Descriptions, Rumours & Tales Describe Character Research Efforts Start A Discussion About the Campaign & Sessions Send Important PC Paperwork To You Before the Session E-mail a Campaign Log Help Players Make Decisions Away From the Gaming Table Deliver Additional NPC Information Without Causing Unimportant Sidetracks Hand Out Experience Points Privately A Brief […]

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RPT#25 – 8 NPC Parley Tricks

8 NPC Parley Tricks Do Not Use Contractions Avoid Swearing It Is Arrogant To Assume Um, A Classic Error Timid NPCs Pose Choices And Problems Instead Of Making Decisions Jason’s Tips Adjust The Volume Dealing With Rude Or Aggressive Characters A Brief Word From Johnn This week’s tips were inspired by a recent article, “Speaking […]

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