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RPT#111 – 10 Tips For Roleplaying Rulers

A Brief Word From Johnn Looking For More Game Master Information? Here’s a cool site with a ton of free game master articles written by RPG author Heather Grove. I also highly recommend her free newsletter: Twilighttime — Tabletop Roleplaying Magazine http://two.pairlist.net/mailman/listinfo/twilighttime New Campaign Starting — Wish Me Luck I have a new D&D 3E […]

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RPT#108 – Ten Ways To Enrich Your Campaign With Lists Of Rulers: Part I

A Brief Word From Johnn New Article Posted At My Other Site FYI, here’s an article I just posted at About.com for making your own cardboard and paper minis. Use of figs during play has been a past topic in this zine, so I thought you might be interested: “Do-It-Yourself Paper Figs On-The-Cheap” http://www.roleplaygames.about.com/library/weekly/aa012502.htm Johnn […]

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RPT#106 – Company’s Coming! – A Recipe For Great Gaming In 2 Hours Or Less

A Brief Word From Johnn Great Guide For Beginning GMs Here’s a cool “how to GM” type of freebie available online that subscriber Ted O. pointed out to me: “Uncle Figgy’s Guide to Good GameMastering” – How to manipulate friends and influence people http://members.aol.com/essuncius/cover.html Thanks For The Planning Tips Thanks for all the tips from […]

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RPT#105 – Romance In Rpgs: 6 Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn Roleplaying Tips Writing Guidelines Updated Thinking of sending in a Tips guest article or web site article? I’ve just updated the submission guidelines, expanding and clarifying tips topics plus a few other details. Happy New Year! Johnn Four [email protected] Rediscover Role-Playing (not Roll-Playing) with Undiscovered Undiscovered is an exciting new FRPG designed […]

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RPT#99 – 5 Meta-Gaming Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn Meta-Gaming Tips This Week In Issue 77, I asked you for a definition of meta-gaming, asI wasn’t clear on the term. I’ve researched it quite a bit,read all of your responses, and have come to the conclusionthat every GM meta-games, whether they know it or not. I thought I’d send […]

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