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RPT#269 – Core Stories In D&D

A Brief Word From Johnn The Expeditious Retreat Press Monster Tips Contest It’s contest time again and Expeditious Retreat Press has kindly agreed to sponsor it! Entry is easy; just send in a monster, alien, or critter-related tip: how to build, how to roleplay, tweak tips. combat tips, encounter tips, and so on. Multiple entries […]

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Crafting NPC Interaction Plans: Designing Encounters With Your Players In Mind – RPT#265

A Brief Word From Johnn Gamer Classifieds? I receive a lot of requests from gamers, freelancers, and grass roots companies to publish news about their services, website, and/or products in the e-zine. I always appreciate e-mails from readers and folks interested in the e-zine, but my policy has been to decline for a couple of […]

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Conducting GM Surveys – RPT#264

A Brief Word From Johnn  A Conan: Atlantean Edition Review Many issues ago, I asked for thoughts and impressions about the Conan RPG published by Mongoose. Recently, I received a copy of Conan: Atlantean Edition, and you can read my review of it here: Conan: Atlantean Edition Review Overall, I think it’s a solid product […]

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6 More Description Tips – RPT#261

A Brief Word From Johnn Please Obey Copyrights And Usage Guidelines In #260 about using online imagery to enhance gaming sessions, I missed making an important statement and request to please obey the copyrights and usage policies of the image sources you visit. Website Up To Date Thanks to the hard efforts of several volunteers, […]

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RPT#263 – Epic Weekend Convention Gaming: A Tale From The Trenches

A Brief Word From Johnn Player Contact Info Form In a recent issue we chatted about tracking player contact info to help make session organization fast and efficient. Here’s another useable example created by Loz Newman for your GMing pleasure: Player Contact Info Form (MS Excel)Β  D&D 3.5 Campaign Questionnaire In another, more recent issue, […]

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Fun Facts and Data On Historical, Alternative Mounts, Part 1

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #253 “On The Other Hand, Don’t Get A Horse” Facts and Data On Historical, Alternative Mounts, Part 1 By Paul Cardwell Please note: Terminology, chronology, and movements are taken from Mythworld Bestiary, and used by permission. I will readily admit that this essay was inspired by Garry and Susan Stahl’s superb articles, […]

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