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Story Sparks Part II: More Ways To Begin An Adventure & Bring The PCs Together — RPT#229

A Brief Word From Johnn The Warlock of Firetop Mountain I recently got the d20 module conversion of the classic Fighting Fantasy Gamebook by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingston. Before I cracked the cover though, I wanted to experience the book again before the module laid open the mountain’s dark secrets. So, I went […]

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RPT#228 – The GM As Master Of Ceremonies

A Brief Word From Johnn Contest Winners Thanks again to everyone who entered the Roleplaying Quest contest. Entries are being edited as we speak for your future edification. The winners are: M Clay [alki…] M Anderson [michaelf…] A Voelker [Dragons…] Orbfire Ristipolku [orbfire…] Jean De Blacque [jean…] Jeff Lucarelli [bhun…] Chris Young [shade_…] Ross Tony […]

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RPT#225 – 6 GM Organisation Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn List Generation Project #2 And Contest List Project #1: Roleplaying Locations was very successful. Hopefully everyone got some use out of the ideas the Tips community generated. It’s time now for List Project #2–and there are prizes this time too! “Roleplaying Plots and Quest Ideas” The last two issues have […]

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Mission-Style Roleplaying

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #223 Mission-Style Roleplaying Combat in RPGs is a physical, tangible, visceral thing. In many games, combat stuff takes up 75% or more of a character sheet. When the fighting breaks out, you have concrete numbers, specific skills, exciting attacks, and pages and pages of rules. Damage lets everyone know how much they’ve […]

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