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RPT#118 – 7 More Tips For GMing Weak Characters

A Brief Word From Johnn Blocked Emails — A Free Email Account Alternative As Spam becomes a bigger problem, various email service providers take measures to protect their customers. Unfortunately, this sometimes means legitimate email (such as this ezine) gets blocked along with the Spam. There are three providers who, historically, have provided Tips subscribers […]

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RPT#108 – Ten Ways To Enrich Your Campaign With Lists Of Rulers: Part I

A Brief Word From Johnn New Article Posted At My Other Site FYI, here’s an article I just posted at for making your own cardboard and paper minis. Use of figs during play has been a past topic in this zine, so I thought you might be interested: “Do-It-Yourself Paper Figs On-The-Cheap” Johnn […]

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RPT#106 – Company’s Coming! – A Recipe For Great Gaming In 2 Hours Or Less

A Brief Word From Johnn Great Guide For Beginning GMs Here’s a cool “how to GM” type of freebie available online that subscriber Ted O. pointed out to me: “Uncle Figgy’s Guide to Good GameMastering” – How to manipulate friends and influence people Thanks For The Planning Tips Thanks for all the tips from […]

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RPT#105 – Romance In Rpgs: 6 Tips

A Brief Word From Johnn Roleplaying Tips Writing Guidelines Updated Thinking of sending in a Tips guest article or web site article? I’ve just updated the submission guidelines, expanding and clarifying tips topics plus a few other details. Happy New Year! Johnn Four [email protected] Rediscover Role-Playing (not Roll-Playing) with Undiscovered Undiscovered is an exciting new FRPG designed […]

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