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Multi-Media In Roleplaying: 3 Experiments That Went Very Well

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #23 Tape Recorder Tape recording sessions is not recommended: the recorder often dampens play with its presence, changing tapes is annoying and the playback is b-o-r-i-n-g.However, I’ve found it extremely helpful to sit around before or after a game session and record the group’s thoughts. I’ve only done this a few times […]

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Seven Tricks to Save Time

From Guardian Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #22 Dice Rolling dice is your enemy. The more time you spend dealing with dice, the less time you can spend planning the critters’ moves, top bad guy’s plans, and dealing with the PCs’ actions. It’s not that you want to roll fewer dice (nothing scares hack’n’slashers like picking up […]

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Ten Tips For Stress-Free Gamemastering

From Kevin Davies Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #20 Like many gamers, when I first entered the hobby, I thought that it was desirable and even necessary to have rules to account for the outcome of every possible Character action or environmental condition. Thick rulebooks were the norm, although roleplay games were typically thin on descriptive and […]

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Top 7 Tips For Developing The Voice That Wins By Dr. June Johnson – RPT#9

The voice is your most powerful means of communication. How you hear yourself is not necessarily how others hear you. Successful professionals have voices that command attention and move people to action. The following tips will help you to develop the voice of authority. Breathe from the diaphragm — the foundation of effective speech. It […]

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RPT#5: How To Turn Brain Teasers Into Amazing Roleplaying Opportunities

Puzzles are an essential part of roleplaying. Even in groups where puzzle solving is not preferred, the occasional rousing stumper creates some excellent variety. And variety is essential for keeping player interest in your game high. While classic, dungeon-style puzzles are entertaining, my favorites are the ones that: Encourage roleplaying Allow you to roleplay out […]

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