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All-in-One TTRPG
Game Master’s Assistant
for Prep & Play

Take session notes at the speed of thought
in your unique GMing style.
Improve your game prep with our AI creative companion.
Get first-hand access to over 42 years of TTRPG expertise.


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Never Forget a Session Detail Again

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Note-Taking & Auto Tagging

Take session notes effortlessly and quickly, keeping your focus on the game - with 100% accuracy.

All-in-One GM Assistant

Supports both preparation and gameplay, making it your all-in-one Game Master's Assistant.

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Campaign Logger campaign settings screenshot

Adapts to Your Style

Customize your experience based on your preferences.

Creative Companion

Access a variety of generators and workflows to create unique content for your campaigns. Tap into AI for extra creativity.

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Screenshot of Campaign Logger Discord Community

Community Support

Join our discord server and forums for as much support as you need, connecting with fellow GMs and creators.

Some Common Questions

GM Peter: Will Campaign Logger work on my iPad?

Johnn: Campaign Logger requires only a modern web browser to work. We do not have standalone apps for devices at this time. But if you can use a browser on your device, you can use Campaign Logger.

GM John: Does Campaign Logger work offline?

Johnn: Yes. If you lose your internet connect while using CL your data will save to you browser's "local" cache. When your computer or device resumes its connection, CL will automatically upload and sync your changes while using it.

GM: I'm concerned it won't fit my GMing style.

Johnn: Campaign Logger can be customized to match your unique GMing style, providing a personalized experience tailored to your preferences.

GM: I'm too busy to learn a new tool.

Johnn: Campaign Logger is designed for quick and easy note-taking, ensuring it seamlessly integrates into your GMing routine without adding extra complexity.

GM: I already have tools for note-taking.

Johnn: Campaign Logger's unique features, like auto-tagging and AI assistance, set it apart from generic note-taking apps, making it a powerful addition to your toolkit.

GM: I don't want to invest in another RPG tool.

Johnn: The basic version of Campaign Logger is free!

GM: I'm worried it won't improve my sessions.

Johnn: Campaign Logger is designed by a veteran of the TTRPG space to help you run better games, improve your storytelling, and create memorable moments for your players.

Unlock Your GM potential &
tell the most memorable stories you can, 

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