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Become the Most Organized & Creative Game Master You've Ever Been Even if Your GM Alignment is Chaotic Overwhelmed

Make Prep Fun Again with our Plethora of Generators, Templates, and Prompts. And Level-Up Your Storytelling by Having Every Detail at Your Fingertips.

Lovingly built to serve game masters of every system and genre without encumbering you with complexity nor sacrificing depth and inspiration.

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The Simplicity of Our Campaign Logger Web App Let’s You Start Plotting, Building, and GMing Within 5 Minutes

Hola! Thank you for being a game master and helping your players have more fun at every game.

We are Johnn Four (Edmonton, Canada) and Jochen Linnemann (Dortmund, Germany), publishers of and the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter since 1999.

We built this web app because the campaign prep, management, and storytelling tools out there are either too complicated or they offer no guidance at all. Being a GM is a tough job already. Why make it harder with cumbersome software or apps not designed with GMing in mind?

With Campaign Logger, you get a freestyle yet structured toolset that lets you dive in immediately to create your campaigns and easily log all your session details.

Instead of being crushed by complex databases and data entry forms that make you hunt every time for a campaign detail, Campaign Logger makes all your information fast to enter and even faster to retrieve.

Here are Campaign Logger’s major features to help you have more fun prepping and GMing:

  • Instantly link ideas and create pages as you type without slowing down or losing your flow. We invented an automagic tagging and cross-linking solution so quick and effective that competitors have started copying it.
  • Get cool ideas with integrated generators for adventure prompts, encounter seeds, NPCs, locations, rumors, and more. Use our extensive library that you can customize for every campaign. Create an unlimited amount of your own and share with other GMs in our friendly community.
  • Invite your players. Player Parts and Private Parts on every page let you share each campaign with up to 25 players. Create and share campaign guides online, export to PDF, or via auto-RSS feeds, and allow your players to see specific details while keeping your secrets protected.
  • “Picture-in-picture” mini-windows allow you to see the content behind every link so you don’t need seven monitors and 50 tabs open just to see your campaign details. A huge time saver.
  • Contextual meta data, which is dwarvish for unlimited Tags and Labels, let you slice and dice your world and campaign details for smoother prep and sessions. We don’t impose our way of GMing on you. The app starts to mirror your brain and how you think, making it intuitive and a pleasure to wield.

A Campaign Management Tool Built for Game Masters by Game Masters that will Change How You Prep and Run Your Games
For All Modern Browsers

  • Unlimited Logs let you take rapid notes. The automagic tagging lets you link to pages and create pages instantly without slowing down or losing your train of thought.
  • @mention any NPC, location, item, plot, faction, idea, or other detail to cross-reference it. Save your log entry and use picture-in-picture to see that content without leaving your spot or having to load a new page.
  • Autosuggest serves up existing links as you type for even faster writing and reference. This also helps prevent spelling variations that fragment your notes so your stuff is easier to find.
  • We got frustrated trying to find information while writing and editing. So now you can group pages like chapters of a book, search based on partial details, and summon any detail by its name.
  • Can't remember what something is called? Simply start typing in search and real-time results show up without having to leave your spot or open yet another tab.
  • Search searches page contents and tags too, not just titles, so every detail stays at your fingertips.
  • Instant preview let's you see how your text and layout looks without having to save and load all the time.
  • We also use this as a hack to see other parts of the same page while writing and reading.
  • Your data is 100% plain text thus making it future-proof and portable. After painful migrations and lost data because of goofy proprietary binary encoding from other apps, we decided that you get full control and access to all your data at all times. Export to JSON and plain text anytime.
  • Lost work makes our blood boil. Even losing five minutes of session notes or prep writing causes rage.
  • So the app saves everything as you type it locally in case of power loss or sudden internet outage, and in the cloud for cross-device synching.
  • All your data is backed up nightly on our servers, as well.
  • There's no restriction on how many devices you can use.
  • The interface for writing works best on computers and tablets.
  • Reading and referencing your world and campaign details works great on any device and screen size.
  • Give any detail an in-game calendar date.
  • Generate a timeline for your histories, backstories, and session logs.
  • Sort, Search, and Filter your campaign and world details by date.
  • Don't forget future dates, which you can use for plotting and events.
  • Every page and log entry has its own link you can paste and reference in anywhere you like.
  • Open pages and logs in multiple tabs.
  • Compatible with tab managers and various browser add-ons as an awesome additional way to write and reference your campaign details.
  • The experience is hard to describe. After years of trying other solutions that did not match how we think and run games, we wanted an app that matches how you think.
  • But everybody thinks differently.
  • Start with a clean slate and some initial guidance with tag categories, templates, and idea generators.
  • As you enter more information and tag, label, and organize things according to how your brain works, the app actually becomes faster and more intuitive because YOU have told it how to structure things just by writing, taking notes, and tagging as you go.

About the Creator of Campaign Logger 

My name is Johnn Four. I'm a professional RPG author with 13 published books and three online courses on how to be a better game master. I co-wrote the Dungeon Master's Guide II, founded and anchored the GM Toolbox column in Dragon Magazine, and have been publishing the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter for GMs - 2 million words and counting - since 1999.

I created Campaign Logger with German developer Jochen Linnemann because I was having trouble organizing my detailed campaigns even with the help of apps like Evernote and MyInfo. I wanted a slick and simple way to cross-reference all my notes as I wrote them.

Apps with wikiwords seemed to have potential, but I found them cumbersome with their paging — I didn't want to create an entire page for each note, and finding notes on long pages was a pain. MyInfo, Evernote, and OneNote are awesome with document cross-linking, but it's slow — you have to right-click, choose copy, go back to your note, highlight the text and create the link.

I just wanted Twitter for RPG — fast and furious note-taking with on-the-fly tagging.

I also wanted software that was RPG-aware. Meaning, it would know an NPC from an encounter from a plot. I wanted to slice and dice my campaign notes so I would not lose another second of time questing for info buried in pages, files, or cards.

So, you could say it's my dream GMing app that does two things extremely well: it tracks all your info and keeps you organized so you can spend more brain cycles being inspired and creative instead of hunting and page flipping.


What People are Saying

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"I'm loving Campaign Logger, and have started to incorporate loopy planning into my prep-work. Keep up the great work, with both Campaign Logger and the Tips. :)"

Jo-Herman (Senior Developer, Norway)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"During my exploration of this fine program, I've started using it for other functions outside of the basic campaign logging. Specifically, I've found that this program works really well to make custom random tables and map keys for hex crawls. I'm really enjoying this tool."

Arthur Sisneros
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"I just got the email about the prefix and suffix additions, and I LOVE it!"

Andrew Shields (Game Designer)

Is This App Right For You?

Campaign Logger is not for every GM. I have a pile of receipts over the years I could show you of stuff I regret buying.

And I never want my work in your regret pile! So here's who I think this is for and not for.


  • GMs who like using digital tools to organize themselves.
  • GMs who need help taking session notes and tracking campaign details.
  • GMs overwhelmed by campaign prep and details — let Campaign Logger sort you out.
  • GMs already using an app but want an easier way to take notes and cross-reference all the people, places, and things in your campaigns and adventures - Logger works great alongside other apps.


  • GMs who already have a great organization system and can find what they need when they need it — keep doing what's working for you!
  • 100% Improv GMs — taking gobs of session notes will just slow you down, and using the multi-tagging and other features for campaign details is probably overkill for you.
  • Hardcore Database GMs — Campaign Logger takes an open, flexible, and freeform approach. You organize it according to how your brain works. If you want lots of screens and fields that tell you where and how to put every detail, you will not enjoy Campaign Logger.
Critical Fumble Guarantee

I stand behind my work. Like my books and courses, Campaign Logger has my Critical Fumble Guarantee.

If I roll a "1" and you end up not liking Campaign Logger, email me at [email protected] for a full refund, no questions asked. I'll refund you right away.

You have 30 days to play with the app and if I've critically fumbled, just email me for a refund. There's no risk to you here.

Bonus Features of the Web App

We launched Campaign Logger first to a group of beta users who helped us hone and polish the software.

Then we offered a limited-time lifetime license to my newsletter subscribers to further help us fund developer and test Campaign Logger.

You now have the benefit of thousands of hours of testing, feedback, and feature development for a smooth and fast experience logging and organizing your games.

Here are a few new features that become immediately unlocked for you when you subscribe:

3 Line NPC example
Bonus » Generators

You also get immediate access to a library of generators. Generate fantasy names, villages, NPCs, plot ideas and more for instant use in your Log Entries.

Just click on a generator, generate a result you like, and click again to instantly add the details to your notes.

More generators are being added regularly so you can prep faster or get unstuck instantly when in a pinch at the game table.


Bonus » Dice Roller Widget

Campaign Logger is widget-enabled, and the first widget we'd added is an online dice roller.

Roll multiple dice of any kind and number.

Need a d5 to see which character gets ambushed? Need FATE dice, exploding dice, or dice with formulas? Need 24d6 for an amazing area effect?

Speed up your game by rolling attack and damage for several foes at once.

At any time you can also choose to log your dice rolls and add comments! Never lose track of a roll again.


Unlimited Custom Generators
Bonus » Roll Your Own Generators

Late last year we added the ability for you to create your own generators.

This lets you totally customize your game world, your campaigns, your adventures, and even your encounters!

Build simple wandering monster tables for each hex or create complex generators with variables, weightings, and sub-tables to populate entire cities with one button click.

You can not only build any generators you want now, but you get unlimited generators. Unlimited Campaigns, unlimited Log entries, and now, unlimited Generators.

Start Logging Today! 

Be the most organized GM of your life.


Campaign Logger Monthly Subscription only $5

Campaign Logger app for GMs
  • Fully unlocked access
  • Generators & Dice Roller widget
  • Unlimited Campaign Logs
  • Unlimited Log Entries
  • Full multi-tagging and customizable tag labels per campaign
  • Work in any modern browser
  • Critical Fumble 30 day money-back guarantee



Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

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Can I use Campaign Logger offline?

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