How to Become the Most Organized Game Master You've Ever Been + Track Every Detail Without Spending Hours on Prep Time Even if
Your GM Alignment is Chaotic Overwhelmed

Campaign Logger App with Automagic Tagging Slices & Dices Your Campaign For You
So You Can Focus on the Story and Being Creative

A Game-Changing GM Organization
and Campaign Management Tool
for Browsers, iPad, Windows 8.1+ and Android 4.2+


Our unique tagging system lets you "at" mention NPCs, location, items, plots, world details and several other categories of game info for automatic linking and cross-referencing. Tag autocomplete means you type each name in just once and then you point and click to add add every time after that.


Because each Log Entry can handle several tags, you now have instant context and cross-referencing of your notes. Want notes for each room in dungeon level 5? What about all the rooms the PCs haven't entered yet? Or how about a report on every encounter a certain NPC contact appeared in and what they said to the PCs? Need a listing of all party transactions with merchants in Waterdeep? No other app lets you cross-reference your campaign details this easily.


Prefix every log entry and campaign detail with a date so you can build historical and backstory timelines on the fly. Also use this cool feature to effortlessly track how much time passes during sessions - even down to the round count.


Write all your ideas and notes down between sessions. Use them at the game table. And log what happens during play. You will seamlessly build an amazing and complete record of every NPC, location, item, plot, house rule, and encounter in your games. Become the most organized GM you've ever been!

Here's What You'll Get With Campaign Logger

All the features you need to get - and stay - organized with minimal effort:
Infinite Logs

Unlimited Campaign Logs. Use them for any game system. Unlimited Log Entries. Write as little or as much as you like for every campaign. You get unlimited logging.

Tag Autocomplete

Save time typing long and tricky names. Type something once and then let autocomplete tag it every time thereafter. Log sessions faster and increases note accuracy this way.

Backup, Import, Copy

Save your logs as future-proofed plain text JSON files so you never lose your data. Unlimited Campaign Log export and import. Copy & Share log entries between Campaign Logs. Create multi-campaign NPC galleries for example.

Customizable Tags

10 types of tags ranging from NPCs to treasure to Kingdoms. All tags are customizable so you can tailor each Campaign Log to match your game system and GMing style.

Search & Filter

A giant search engine for your campaign. Search any text, including tags. Search operators let you customize searches so every detail is at your finger tips.

Open in Multiple Tabs

Every NPC, item, plot, etc. gets its own URL. That means you can open log entries in multiple tabs. And you can paste Log Entry links directly into other apps you use like Evernote, MyInfo, OneNote, Google Drive, Microsoft Office, Open Office, etc. for easy cross-linking.

About the Creator of Campaign Logger

My name is Johnn Four. I'm a professional RPG author with 13 published books and three online courses on how to be a better game master. I co-wrote the Dungeon Master's Guide II, founded and anchored the GM Toolbox column in Dragon Magazine, and have been publishing the Roleplaying Tips Newsletter for GMs - 700 issues and counting - since 1999.

I created Campaign logger with German developer Jochen Linnemann because I was having trouble organizing my detailed campaigns even with the help of apps like Evernote and MyInfo. I wanted a slick and simple way to cross-reference all my notes as I wrote them.

Apps with wikiwords seemed to have potential, but I found them cumbersome with their paging - I didn't want to create an entire page for each note, and finding notes on long pages was a pain. MyInfo, Evernote, and OneNote are awesome with document cross-linking, but it's slow - you have to right-click the document or section, choose copy, go back to your note, highlight the text and create the link. I just wanted Twitter for RPG - fast and furious note-taking with on-the-fly tagging.

I also wanted software that was RPG aware. Meaning, it would know an NPC from an encounter from a plot. I wanted to slice and dice my campaign notes so I would not lose another second of time questing for info buried in pages, files, or cards. So, you could say it's my dream GMing app that does two things extremely well: it tracks all your info and keeps you organized so you can spend more brain cycles being inspired and creative instead of hunting and page flipping.

Johnn Four

Watch a Demo of Campaign Logger

Campaign Logger is a powerful GM organization tool that helps you stay focused on what matters most: your ideas, your gameplay, and your players.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"I'm loving Campaign Logger, and have started to incorporate loopy planning into my prep-work. Keep up the great work, with both Campaign Logger and the Tips. :)"

Jo-Herman (Senior Developer, Norway)
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"During my exploration of this fine program, I've started using it for other functions outside of the basic campaign logging. Specifically, I've found that this program works really well to make custom random tables and map keys for hex crawls. I'm really enjoying this tool."

Arthur Sisneros
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )


"I just got the email about the prefix and suffix additions, and I LOVE it!"

Andrew Shields (Game Designer)

Is This App Right for You?

Campaign Logger is not for everybody. I have a pile of receipts over the years I could show you of stuff I regret buying. And I never want my work in your regret pile! So here's who I think this is for and not for.


  • GMs who like using digital tools to organize themselves
  • GMs who need help taking session notes and tracking campaign details
  • GMs overwhelmed by campaign prep and details - let Logger sort you out
  • GMs already using an app but want an easier way to take notes and cross-reference all the people, places, and things in your campaigns and adventures - Logger works great alongside other apps


  • GMs who already have a great organization system - keep doing what's working for you!
  • 100% Improv GMs - taking gobs of session notes will just slow you down, and using the multi-tagging and other features for campaign details is probably overkill for you
  • Epic author GMs - Log Entries can be made long, but you are probably best served with Scrivener or a word processor with chapter and section functionality
  • iPhone users - sorry, we don't have a native app for you yet, so you'd need to use the Web version, which works great, but needs a constant data connection such as WiFi
Critical Fumble Gurantee

I stand behind my work. Like my books and courses, the Campaign Logger has my Critical Fumble Guarantee. If I roll a "1" and you end up not liking Campaign Logger, email me at [email protected] for a full refund, no questions asked. I'll refund you right away. You have 30 days to play with the app and if I've critically fumbled, just email me for a refund. There's no risk to you here.

Please Take Advantage of the
Charter Member Program

We launched Campaign Logger earlier this year with a lifetime license. That means if you purchase the app now you own it for life with a single simple one-time payment.

Jochen and I are limiting this to just Charter Members though. Just the first 1,000 members.

Because we'll be running into ongoing costs we'll need to cover in the future, after the 1000th member we'll be switching the app to a monthly subscription fee service with an annual plan option.

We're thinking of this exciting period like a Kickstarter of sorts. The early adopters help us with feedback and initial funds to make improvements, and in exchange they become Charter Members with a single payment and get lifetime Access.

Bonus » Android & Windows lifetime

The Charter Member program includes free lifetime licenses to the Windows 8.1+ and Android 4.2+ apps. You can export and import your logs between devices. This lets you log on your phone or offline on your desktop.


Campaign Logger now available on ipad
Bonus » iPad app lifetime license

iPad users - you can now can download Campaign Logger from the Apple Store and get lifetime access! Run and manage your campaign logs offline on your favourite device. Includes all the core features, generators, unlimited Log Entries, and unlimited Campaign Log files.


3 Line NPC example
Bonus » Generators

You also get immediate access to several generators. Generate fantasy names, villages, and 3 Line NPCs for instant use in your log entries. More generators are being added regularly so you can prep faster or get unstuck instantly when in a pinch at the game table.


Bonus » Dice Roller Widget

Campaign Logger is widget-enabled, and the first widget we'd added is an online dice roller. Roll multiple dice of any kind and number. Need a d5 to see which character gets ambushed? Need 24d6 for an amazing area effect? Want to speed things up by rolling attack and damage for severla foes at once? The Dice Roller comes to the rescue. More widgets are coming. as well.

Start Logging Today! 

Be the most organized GM of your life.


Charter Member Lifetime Bundle only $49

Campaign Logger app for GMs
  • Lifetime license for Web, Windows, iPad, and Android
  • Generators & Dice Roller widget
  • Unlimited Campaign Logs
  • Unlimited Log Entries
  • Full multi-tagging and customizable tag labels per campaign
  • Critical Fumble 30 day money-back guarantee



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