RPG Campaign Tracker Worksheets

This Simple Tool Makes Running Your Campaigns Smoother & Tracks All Your Essential Details
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RPG Campaign Tracker Workbook Cover

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The workbook has it all for you:

  • Grant equal spotlight time each session with the Character Roster
  • Confirm sessions and ping late players faster with the Player Roster
  • Stop forgetting session details and use the Session Logs
  • Keep your world coordinates and features straight with the Location Tracker
  • Record your campaign’s best moments with the Sh*t My Players Said & Memories sheet
  • And remember the fallen with the Graveyard, including Last Words and Will & Testament
  • Stop losing treasure details and gp values until identified or appraised with the Item Tracker
  • End dumb arguments fast with the House Rules Tracker

I hated feeling scared about running my next session because I wasn't prepared. I was tired of being disorganized. I've also got a power gamer and a rules lawyer in my group, and I was being embarrassed during games because I was getting details wrong and forgetting key things.

So I created the Campaign Tracker Workbook to solve my campaign management problems. And I would love for you to give it a try too. It's a printable PDF that'll get you organized, confident, and ready to run your next session. Give it a shot and let me know what you think.