Assassin Blog Carnival Wrap-Up – September 2011

RPG Blog CarnivalAssassins were the theme of Sep’s RPG blog carnival. They were several excellent blog posts about this killer topic:

The Assassination Game @ Lungfishopolis – How to do assassins well as PCs or NPCs.

My Home Brew Old Hack: What about Assassins? Need them or not? @ The Geek Life Project – Grogtard talks about his OSR homebrew game and whether assassins should be a class.

Assassins in My Game @ World of Alidor – Jon says assassins are silly and why. (Consider your Coin of the Dead scooped for my campaign!)

Grupo de Asesinos @ El Hacedor de Dados – Talks about the assassin theme, in Spanish!

Asesinos @ Laboratorio Friki – And Spanish blog post about assassins. Also check out their second post for the carnival, Asesinos, como encajarlos en una partida.

Almas Blancas/White Souls @ La Choza del Friki – Another Spanish post that picks up the gauntlet.

Assassins in RPGs – Character Class or Character Type? @ Roleplaying Market – Looks at an alternate idea of what an assassin class could be. I agree.

RPG Carnival: Gremio de Asesinos de Canalburgo @ Los chismes del Narrador – Another Spanish blog, with a first-time entry in a blog carnival.

Assassins @ Board Enterprises – Asks who is the most useful assassin-type in games.

RPG Blog Carnival: Character Types – Part 17 – The Assassin @ Reality Refracted – Talks about running assassins as a GM and playing them as a player.

just a job to do @ Fame & Fortune – Offers three historical iconic assassins.

And STAY Dead! @ Lizard’s Gaming Blog – Offers a collection of items and rituals designed to aid in killing NPCs. (I could have used his Oil of Eternal Silence earlier in my Riddleport campaign.)

Inspirational Viewing – The Mechanic (1972) @ Sea of Stars RPG – Reviews the Bronson Classic about a professional world-weary killer.

Aptitud de asesino @ Detras de la Pantalla – A Spanish post the covers the assassin class plus another post about an unexpected type of killer.

Roleplaying Tips offered two articles on the topic – How to Contact and Hire an Assassin and 5 Effective Combat Tactics For Assassins.

And Campaign Mastery celebrates the upcoming release of a product Mike and Johnn worked on called Assassin’s Amulet

Thanks to everybody who contributed to the RPG Carnival. I hope you had a lot of fun writing about this classic game element.

Be sure to head over to October’s carnival, Making The Loot Part Of The Plot.

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