Darkest of Winters Adventure Synopsis #4

by Silveressa

Don’t think for a minute just because you’re “go’in commando” it’s going to improve your gun skills or our chances of gettin out of this alive.” -Jessy Hannaford, commenting on Heather’s lack of undergarments.

“Cheap talk from the guy wearing *my* panties on his leg.” -Heather Wilks, pointing to her makeshift bandage adorning Jessy’s leg wound.

As Riley tries frantically to save Tommy with CPR (and Renee’s help), Heather, her dogs, and Jessy race down the storm drain desperately searching for a way out before the impending deluge drowns them all.

The scene picks up focused on Jessy and Heather, Heather trailing behind Jessy and her dogs, as they pull him through the quickly rising water. Knowing that seconds count and the main exit is likely miles away Heather chooses to do the next best thing, stop at the next manhole cover and quickly climb up, pushing the lid (with some difficulty) to the side and surveying the street ahead of them. Fortunately for her, she spots the vet clinic near by, and yells for their attention, firing a few gun shots into the air for good measure. (mixing with the storms thunder to be all but unnoticeable to the zombies milling about a few blocks away)

Within in the vet lobby Riley continues his first aid, as Renee, hearing the gunshots and faint echoes of shouts over the storms wrath, peers out into the darkness, seeing the flashlight shining up from underneath Heather, silhouetting her against the road and black night. (And giving Jessy a lovely up skirt view which he mentions his character is taking full advantage of, resulting in Jessy’s player being peppering with peanuts by Heathers player, for playing such a “dirty ‘o’l man.”)

Yelling to Riley and his wife that Heather’s alive, she runs out of the clinic to the manhole cover, kneeling down to embrace Heather, ramble about how happy she is to see her alive, and then gives her a passionate kiss. (This shocked Heather so bad she nearly fell back down the ladder.) A questioning yell from Jessy below to, “Hurry it up before we all get flushed down the toilet here!” stalls any impending questions from Heather to Renee, and they quickly set about devising a quick plan to use a few dog leashes tied together to pull Heathers dogs, and then Jessy from the storm drain.

Inside the clinic Riley manages (with a critical success on his first aid roll) to save Tommy from the brink of death, wrapping him in a dog blanket for warmth as Heather and Renee dash past him fetching the dog leashes, harnesses, and then returning to the storm drain.

Meanwhile the rushing water carries with it a crawler zombie that splashes up against Jessy, attempting to grab a hold and strangle him, Heathers dogs fighting against the deepening water to keep from being swept away.

As Jessy kicks against the zombie and batters it over the head with his flashlight, holding onto the rail with his spare hand (and receiving a fair amount of clawed damage in the process) Heather and Renee see his peril, Heather making a risky shot from above with her revolver, blasting past Jessy’s head to blow the zombies skull apart, and cover Jessy’s beard/face in decayed zombie brains.

A quick dangling of leash and harness later, Heathers’ dogs, and a half drowned Jessy were retrieved, Riley running out to help once he was sure Tommy had been stabilized.

After, as everyone regroups back inside the clinic Riley, muttering about how he was a communication specialist in the military, not a medic, sets to treating the zombie scratches and bullet wound on Jessy’s leg, complimenting Heather on her quick thinking choice for a bandage.

Meanwhile Riley’s wife continues to look after Tommy, and Heather, drawn by the cries of terrified/suffering animals in the back of the clinic runs off to investigate, and help them if possible. Renee also follows, offering to lend hand to Heather.

At about this point, Riley realizes they left the majority of their supplies on the river bank when they ran off to help Tommy, and fears it’s been washed away in the storm, which he notices is worsening.

Heather and Renee busy themselves opening the cages and freeing the animals still left alive, Heather trying to find the words to ask Renee about what was up with the unexpected kiss/greeting she received, but not quite managing to do so before being interrupted by Riley.

Riley, nearly mowed over by a swarm of cats fleeing for the exit, tells them to hurry and get to the basement in case the storm spawns a twister, Renee volunteering to help move Tommy and Jessy below, Heather offering to gather supplies for their basement hold out before joining them.

Roughly 10 minutes later, as the building shudders in gusts of wind they all regroup in the basement, 3 high powered flashlights and a can of sterno lighting the area which is crammed with supply boxes and empty animal cages. A brief argument erupts about the extra five dogs Heather brought down to the basement with them, which she insists will be useful once they’re trained, especially since they’re all pretty low on ammo.

Tommy finally awakens, to the relief of Jessy, who thanks everyone for helping him, and tries to return Heathers blood stained panties to her. Which, when noticed by Tommy, innocently asks “Why were you wearing her dirty panties uncle?” (Resulting in her only pair of panties quickly tossed in the trash by a red faced Heather, causing in another “commando Wisecrack from Jessy, which Heather answered by hiking up her skirt and mooning him, much to the amusement of everyone at the table)

A quick explanation and meal of junk food later, (which was scavenged from the upstairs break room by Heather earlier) the group settles down to sleep out the storm, making sure the doors to the vet clinic and the basement are securely locked/reinforced. (But not the windows? )

Jessy, doped up on Ketamine (horse tranquilizer) to dull the pain of his injuries passes out in the corner, his arm protectively around Tommy, Riley sleeping at the foot of the stairs next to his wife, and Heather finding a comfortable niche in the far corner amongst a pile of blankets and bags of kibble, her dogs and strays taking up most of the rest of the basement in various furred heaps.

Renee takes the opportunity to join Heather, resulting in a very private conversation regarding her feelings for her, how she didn’t truly realize how she felt until she thought Heather was dead, and how she lost control when she saw her still alive. A longer follow up talk and a few seduction rolls later, the scene fades to black with them having a quiet, yet very intimate encounter, before surrendering to exhaustion and sleep.

* * * *

Their supplies and horses now likely lost in the storms wrath, the group find themselves low on food and ammo, injured, and caught in the grip of a tremendous storm. Will the storm indeed spawn a tornado? Will the newly acquired canine companions be a burden or asset? Will Jessy go into a nicotine rage when he discovers his cigars have been soaked in water from the storm drain and hopelessly ruined?

Find out in adventure Synopsis #5, Coming Sunday January 16th!!

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