Put On Your Situations Hat

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0902

Got this great tip from RPT GM Tony about how to avoid Mistake #2: Creating A Script:

Hi Johnn,

Great advice as always.

Re: Mistake #2: Creating A Script

One thing I try to encourage new DMs to do to avoid railroading is to leave the PCs out of the design altogether.

Instead, decide what the monsters are doing and develop that.

The Orc warriors

Raid a Goblin settlement and return home with hostages.

The PCs have several options:

  • Attack the Orcs
  • Attack the Goblins
  • Negotiate
  • Ignore them completely

The Kobold

Tribe has started worshiping a Yuan-Ti spellcaster who encourages them to attack small caravans on the high road.

The PCs have several options:

  • Attack the Kobolds
  • Attack the Yuan-Ti
  • Negotiate
  • Ignore them completely

The Druid

protects the forest around the high road has disappeared. As such, unknown poachers have begun attacking the fauna. The PCs have several…. Yeah, you know where this is going….

Anyways, to avoid railroading, I try to set up situations rather than plan specific situations.