Reader Tip Request – The Manhunt

How can you make a manhunt mission interesting?

Today I received the following tip request. As the newsletter is a couple weeks away, and Justin needs some tips asap, I thought I’d put this shiny new blog to work and see if you have any ideas or advice for Justin:


I have been reading your newsletter and blog for about 2 months now and have searched through the archives; however, I cannot find anything on the classic action mystery the manhunt. I write this because for the campaign I am working on my players have requested this to be an aspect of the adventure.

So the question I am asking is, how do you do the manhunt without doing just a bunch of skill checks, and how do the PCs find their quarry when he goes to ground?

Basically, the idea behind the hunt that I am doing is that there is an elven warlord who had a sword hundreds of years back. The sword is a powerful artifact the church needs to perform a ritual. The PCs have found through the aid of the church that the warlord is in a small elven city. Now they just need to find him and convince him to give up the sword.

Any ideas you have on the subject would be very helpful.


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