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Dungeon Tile Mastery: 9 Ways To Get The Most Out Of Your Tile Collection

This month’s RPG blog carnival is about cartography and mapping. And I thought dungeon tiles would fit that theme nicely. I like the WotC dungeon tiles a lot and have been collecting sets over the years. They offer a number of advantages over other mapping methods. They save on your toner bill. Printing out maps […]

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Review: Art of Wor City Tiles: The Stone Bard Inn

The Stone Bard Inn city tiles by Three Sages Games are seven slick full colour productions designed to enhance tavern brawls and inn encounters. The tiles are actually letter-sized plastic sheets with anti-skid foam backing. Because of the plastic, you can use wet and dry erase markers on them. Three sheets combine to offer a […]

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29 Minis Tips For The Frugal Gamer

Roleplaying Tips Newsletter #0515 A Brief Word from Hannah Hannah Lipsky from Chaotic Shiny Productions hosts this week’s Brief Word. Thanks Hannah! Tabletop with the LARPers I recently got shanghaied into an unusual Mage: The Ascension game with friends. The thing that makes this group different is that, unlike most gamers I know, everyone in […]

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