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Don’t Be Afraid to Modify Your Monsters — RPT#458

From: Scott J. Compton Tired of the same old monsters? Want to try something new that’s familiar but uses the same game rules? If you’re playing in any fantasy setting where magic is possible, then why not deviate from the norm? It’s quite funny that, as gamers, we often stick to the same types of […]

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Roleplaying Tips Weekly Supplemental #22 “Making Magic Items Interesting”

This file was created from reader submissions responding to a request in Issue #204. Thanks to everyone who submitted their wonderful tips, ideas, and advice. Thanks to Leslie Holm and Isaac Calon for organizing and editing! Most references to +1 longswords have been removed to protect our sanity. Cheers, Johnn Four [email protected] Roleplaying Tips CONTENTS: […]

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GM Binder Tips for the Organized Gamemaster

From: Johnn Four 1. First Figure Out The Purpose For Your GM Binder Before you start photocopying, typing, cutting, folding and hole-punching, first think about your GMing style and how you want your GM binder to aid you during games. For example, I’m left-handed and I twist books around to write in them rather than […]

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RPT Weekly Supplemental #16 — “Tips For Planning & Running The First Session Of A Campaign”

This file was created because of the wonderful response to issue #185’s Tip Request about a GM’s plea for help with planning and running the first session of a new campaign. Thanks to everyone who emailed me their tips, stories, and advice. New tips for this doc are always welcome. Cheers, Johnn Four [email protected] Roleplaying […]

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RPT#71 – 5 Ways You Can Make Travel Interesting Or Important

Provide A Background For The Encounter Get Into The Nitty Gritty Details Of Travel Consider Adding New Environmental Challenges Pre-Plan Some Basic Encounters For Use At Any Time Reveal Important Information Get Into The Travel Spirit Readers’ Tips Summarized Build Your Maps In Lego Use Prophecy For Tension Creation Find New Roleplayers By Hosting A […]

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