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My 9 RPG Story Goals Part 2 — RPT#615

From: Johnn Four Last week I shared something I had written in my GMing notes in 1999 => my RPG Story Goals. These are things I figured were essential to a great game experience, all centred around GMing a great story. In RPT#614 I listed the first three goals, and in this edition I’ll share […]

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Readers Respond => How to Make Undead Scary — RPT#629

A little while ago I shared ideas on how I’ll make undead fun again in my new campaign. After years of GMing skeletons and zombies, I want to shake things up. In response, several readers wrote in with great suggestions on the three themes I presented: Mission Culture Mechanics Here are their ideas – […]

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How to Take Care Of Initiative — RPT#630

Long ago I put a Tips Request out for the various initiative systems and hacks you use. There was a tremendous response – thanks to everyone who wrote in! Here are the compiled entries. I tried to edit to reduce as much repetition as possible, but sometimes it’s good to hear the same approach in […]

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10 Traveller RPG Tips For Newbie GMs — RPT#635

From: Timothy Collinson Traveller wasn’t quite the first science fiction role-playing game, that honour went to Metamorphosis Alpha, but it can easily be regarded as the granddaddy of them all with several editions, a vast setting and material published for it in every year since it first appeared in 1977. Still going strong after nearly […]

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How To GM Mysteries — RPT#637

From: Istrian General Tips 5W1H A mystery can usually be narrowed down to the 5Ws and one 1H: Who, Where, When, Why, What, How. A mystery can also have multiple instances of one of these. For example, Where could lead to multiple locations, each being related to the mystery in a limited way. At the […]

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Roleplaying Tips Weekly E-Zine Issue #2 — Running Faster Combats

Contents: Edited by: Isaac Calon This Week’s Tips Summarized A Brief Word From Johnn Running Faster Combats Readers’ Tips Of The Week This Week’s Tips Summarized Running Faster Combats Communicate Time Yourself Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance Manage Initiative Smartly Draw Maps Quickly Limit Conversation Know The PCs’ Abilities Start With Simple Combats Resolve The […]

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More Mystery Adventure GMing Tips — RPT#638

Last issue I featured a framework from Istrian for creating mystery adventures. This was based on a tip request I made, and several readers had additional tips plus comments on Istrian’s advice. Mysteries are under-used in games. They are hard to design and GM. The interactive nature of RPGs adds a whole new level of […]

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10 Easy Ways To Think On Your Feet Better

Contents: This Week’s Tips Summarized A Brief Word From Johnn 10 Easy Ways To Think On Your Feet Better Readers’ Tips Of The Week This Week’s Tips Summarized 10 Easy Ways To Think On Your Feet Better Answer Questions With A Question Plan, Scan, Action Make Puns Highlight Your Notes Breathe Build On Ideas, Don’t […]

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Roleplaying Tips Weekly Supplemental #2: – Alternative Forms Of Character Rewards

Please find below various tips, stories and comments about Issue #50’s request for alernative forms of character reward. Cheers, Johnn Four [email protected] Role Playing Tips From: Warren L. Picture this: A ramshackle lean-to. Scattered about its interior are various armor pieces that seem over-sized and not all that well maintained. Many of the pieces […]

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